WWE News: WWE Superstar Sasha Banks Out Due To Back Injury, Not Suspended As Had Been Rumored

WWE Superstar Sasha Banks sadly lost her WWE Women’s Championship to Charlotte at WWE SummerSlam last night. After holding the championship for about a month in her first reign, she lost it back to one of the best women’s champions in the history of the company. Most assumed that something was up because Banks so was so over with fans that it would make no real sense for her to drop the title this quickly.

After various people were suspended and with rumors coming out that more may follow, most on social media naturally assumed Sasha Banks fell victim to the WWE Wellness Policy and would end up being suspended soon due to failing a drug test like Paige, Eva Marie, and Alberto Del Rio before her. However, you can take a deep breath and rest easy, as Banks is reportedly not going to be suspended.

According to Ringside News, Sasha Banks will miss time due to a nagging back injury. After also getting married, it looks like she’ll turn her time off into a honeymoon of sorts. She was removed from all upcoming September events due to the injury. She is set to get a medical evaluation on her back soon, which could mean a lot of things. She could just need time off to rest and then do rehab to help the injury, or she could require surgery.

Charlotte Sasha Summerslam
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The former Women’s Champion may have been pulled from September events, but it is likely that she’ll be out further. While it seems like we may see her back in October, if surgery is required we may not see her until next year. The injury is said to be in the lower back, which is why Charlotte attacked this area specifically in their match at SummerSlam. WWE wanted to turn the injury into a storyline so that Banks could have something to do the moment she got back.

It is clearly smart for WWE to do this rather than not as they have something ready to go the moment Banks gets back. The real issue for WWE is that they may have lost two of their top female performers for a while in both Banks and Paige. While Paige was suspended, she was also out with an injury beforehand. This means WWE has no real choice but to bring someone on to WWE RAW to replace them both.

That looks to be happening as soon as tonight. WWE NXT Superstar Bayley finished up her NXT material after she lost to Asuka at WWE NXT Takeover: Brooklyn. It looked obvious that this was her send-off from the yellow brand, and it does appear she will be brought to WWE RAW. There was a plan in play for her to have a match with Sasha Banks at WrestleMania 33. If Banks can come back by then, it is obvious that WWE will still push for this match to occur.

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This injury does allow for Bayley to make herself known to the WWE main roster fans. It seems she is pretty popular already, but she very well could become one of the top women in the business before too long. We can probably expect a program with Charlotte right off as sort of revenge for taking out her friend Sasha. While not confirmed, this is simply something that seems sort of obvious by now.

As far as Sasha Banks goes, her injury may be a blessing in disguise. It allows her to stay out of action where WWE can build up something bigger for her. While she will work with Charlotte upon coming back, she can only do this for so long before fans get tired of it. If she came back later in the year and worked with Charlotte, she could work with Bayley toward the beginning of the year and work toward the WrestleMania 33 match. If not, she’ll have to work with either Nia Jax, Dana Brooke, or both before reaching Bayley, and no one wants that it seems.

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