WWE News: Brock Lesnar Busting Open Randy Orton Unplanned — Will He Face Suspension Due To Going Too Far?

If you saw WWE SummerSlam, you saw what can only be described as a beatdown in the main event of the evening. The show was great in most parts, but at the end of the night, everyone was hoping to see an amazing contest that was 15 years in the making between Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton. The match did not live up to expectations at all, with Lesnar literally dominating the entire time. If you bothered to count, you know Orton only landed about three moves on Lesnar.

While the moves were a spike DDT and two RKOs, neither were enough to stop The Beast Incarnate. At the end of the match, Lesnar left Randy Orton blooded in the ring after getting a win by TKO. Wins do not normally happen like this, but something similar happened a little over a year ago in WWE NXT with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn on the night Owens won the NXT Title. That said, a KO or TKO victory is by no means uncommon.

The question is, did Brock Lesnar go too far in his match with Randy Orton, or was everything planned out down to the smallest detail? According to Ringside News, the TKO victory was planned out ahead of time. The F-5 on WWE SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon was also planned out as well. The thing was not planned was Orton getting busted open. Some assumed that Orton bladed, or cut himself, to get the blood we saw.

Lesnar Orton SS
[image via WWE]

However, it was confirmed via RSN that Lesnar busted Orton open the hard way. WWE officials seemed to think blood was likely with the hands and elbows hitting Orton, but Randy bled a lot more than officials thought would occur, mainly because elbows can equal blood. In MMA, a lot of guys wear a type of substance on their face to hopefully avoid blood going into their eyes. This is why you don’t always see guys pour blood in the UFC but do see some blood come about.

Orton basically was told to take a beating from Brock and that there was a possibility he would get busted open. Unlike with MMA, no hands were up to help avoid any hard shots being landed. Orton laid there and basically took the elbows flush, which is why the blood was so bad. Brock Lesnar used elbows he would use in the UFC, and that is why Orton was just pouring blood rather than having a small spot of it coming up. At least in MMA, these guys have their hands up to take some of the power off of the shots. When they can’t, the person is pulled off. Lesnar went back and added more.

WWE officials most likely wanted some color to happen, but there is no way they would ever want to see one of their top guys bleed like that or take open shots to the head. That clearly means Brock Lesnar went to another level that WWE did not want to see. This was not some random jobber Lesnar did this to — this was a 12-time World Champion who will be in the WWE Hall of Fame one day.

Orton Lesnar SummerSlam
[image via WWE]

Plus, these were open head-shots being landed. This could have turned into a concussion and could very well cost a man his wrestling career. It violates several WWE rules that were put in place to avoid early WWE Superstar deaths. Randy ended up having to get 10 staples to seal up the cut that Brock opened with his hard elbows and forearms. Some have called for a suspension to be laid out on Brock. However, it does not look like he will be suspended. He very well could for storyline reasons, since he will miss time anyway, but there won’t be a real one. It wouldn’t make sense anyway.

The question WWE has to ask themselves now is whether they went too far to make something happen at SummerSlam. We’ve also got to ask ourselves whether WWE would do with Brock Lesnar after his win over Randy Orton. It seems like he’s destined for a WWE Universal Championship match before too long, but we’ll have to wait and see what occurs.

[image via WWE]