Playboy’s ‘Number One Party School’ Isn’t Happy With The Dubious Honor

Officials at the University of Virginia voiced their displeasure on Wednesday over being named the nation’s number one party school in America by “gentleman’s magazine” Playboy. Interestingly enough, they are specifically demanding a “recount.”

The Charlottesville, Virginia school was put at the top of Playboy‘s party school list, beating 100 other colleges nationwide. The University of Virginia shares this distinction on Playboy‘s 2012 Top Party Schools list with another that they probably prefer: Being the nation’s oldest public university.

“We are demanding a recount,” UVA spokeswoman Marian Anderfuren told NBC News. “It’s far more important for the university to be known for our academic achievements in teaching and research,” said Carol Wood, another UVA spokeswoman.

Playboy’s 2012 Top Party Schools list will be featured in the magazine’s October college issue.

“Raise a glass to UVA, whose students know a thing or two about raising glasses and everything important to this list,” said Playboy on its website. “The Cavaliers placed an uninspiring 16th in sports but more than made up for it in nightlife and sex, finishing number three and number two, respectively. According to our math, two plus three equals one.”

Playboy’s top party school rankings were based on 900 data points across three categories: sex, sports and nightlife, according to Playboy officials. Following the University of Virginia and rounding out the top ten are, in order: University of Southern California, University of Florida, University of Texas, University of Wisconsin, University of Georgia, Vanderbilt, Tulane, Texas Christian, and Ohio State.

Texas Christian, huh? Interesting!

Do you or did you attend any of the schools on Playboy’s 2012 Top Party Schools list?