Kenya Moore Slapped With Lien After Donating Money To College Student

Kenya Moore may have some money in her bank account, but she doesn't flaunt it around like her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star, NeNe Leakes. Leakes once told all of the ladies that she's a "rich b***h" after having been on Celebrity Apprentice, and she bought a $2 million home last year. Sure, NeNe may have money in her account, but she isn't donating it to people in need. Last year, Moore asked NeNe to please donate $20,000 to the Detroit Public Schools Foundation to match her donation, but sadly Leakes failed to do so. And just last week, Kenya made headlines for donating money so a friend of hers could return to Harvard to study after an internship resulted in no payment. But maybe Moore should be paying her bills before donating her money.

According to a new Radar Online report, Kenya Moore has been slapped with a lien in Georgia for failure to pay for a portable restroom. Apparently, she hasn't paid for this restroom that Johnny on the Spot, Inc. provided for her. The Georgia's Fulton County Superior Court documents reveal that Moore neglected a $298.79 bill for the local company's services on her property this year. It doesn't seem like a huge amount, so it doesn't make sense why Kenya Moore wouldn't dish up such a small amount, especially since she's just paid about $3,000 to support a girl to go back to school.
Apparently, the lien was filed back on June 27, and Moore decided to pay up to avoid any other legal troubles. The lien was then called on August 11. Even though Kenya has moved into her home alone, it hasn't been an easy road. Last year, a contractor placed a beam the wrong way, which delayed the entire building process. But Kenya did move into the home this summer, which is still ahead of Sheree Whitfield, who is still building her massive home down the street.

Kenya hasn't said anything about this lien, but she has been very vocal about how awesome her followers are because they helped her friend go back to school for this upcoming semester. In her blog for The Real Housewives of Atlanta last year, Kenya Moore expressed her disappointment in NeNe for not paying up and supporting the Detroit Public Schools Foundation, as they were in desperate need of support.

"Sadly, I do not think it's clear if NeNe will ever write the check. If she was honest and sincere about putting our differences aside for charity last year, she would have matched the donation as she promised. She made a promise to the kids of the city of Detroit to donate $20,000. She has made every excuse in the world as to why she hadn't written it. First, she didn't think the donation was real, which is why I posted it on social media so that no one would have doubts. Conveniently she now claims I somehow am making a mockery of charity," Kenya Moore revealed in her blog for Bravo.
"She also tried to say I didn't donate my own money, which is a lie. The Detroit Public Schools Foundation has acknowledged they received a total of $40,000 on behalf of myself, which includes the additional $20,000 win from my appearance on Celebrity Apprentice. She also just bought a $2 million home. Obviously, this is about her lack of character. You are nothing in life if you can't depend on your word. It takes a real morally debased person to steal from children," Moore continued.

To this day, NeNe has never paid the $20,000 to the foundation. What do you think of Kenya Moore being hit with a lien while donating so much money? Do you think it was a simple mistake or do you think she wants to display a certain image to the public by keeping her unpaid bills a secret?

[Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]