Iowa Fraternity Suspended Following Hazing, Sexual Assault Allegations

An Iowa fraternity as been suspended following allegations that the organization participated in some alcohol-infused hazings, according to The Gazette. Although specific details about the allegations at Sigma Alpha Epsilon have not been been made available to the public, it’s been reported that the incidents took place between 2008 and 2009. In response to the charges, the fraternity’s national headquarters has suspended the Iowa branch of its fraternity until further notice.

“The university does not tolerate hazing or unsafe and illegal consumption of alcohol in any of its student organizations,” the school explained in a statement.

Unfortunately, these allegations are getting worse by the second. According to the Des Moines Register, the aforementioned University of Iowa fraternity is now the subject of a sexual assault investigation. Lieutenant Doug Hart explained that police are looking into the charges, though no arrests have been made as of this writing.

University of Iowa President Sally Mason agreed with the fraternity headquarter’s decision to shut down her school’s chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. She recently released the following prepared statement:

“I hope that this incident is not reflective of the Greek community on our campus overall. I believe that it is an aberrant incident that does not accurately represent life at the University of Iowa. To the contrary, I most often see all of the fine philanthropic work done in the community by members of the Greek system. They certainly provide a great deal of fine public service.

I applaud the national chapter for taking swift action. I certainly hope that the affected members of SAE will learn from this incident that this is not acceptable behavior under any circumstances, and that everyone will grow from this experience and move forward.”

Although the fraternity’s suspension is indefinite, it is believed the chapter’s charter will not be revoked as a result of the hazing and sexual assault allegations. All of the current members have lost their memberships for life, and have been asked to move out of their house. None of the students involved with the University of Iowa chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon have commented on the situation.