Murdered Joggers Karina Vetrano & Vanessa Marcotte: Cases Still Unsolved [Update]

Investigations into the murders of Karina Vetrano and Vanessa Marcotte are ongoing. However, there is still no suspect in either the strangulation, rape, and murder of Karina Vetrano or the rape, strangulation, and murder of Vanessa Marcotte, who also had her hands and face set ablaze. Authorities say that over 900 tips have come into the Massachusetts State Police about the Marcotte murder and suspicious sightings around Princeton, Massachusetts. While New York Police are still seeking clues in Karina Vetrano’s murder, the reward amount for tips continues to increase.

Deep sadness is turning to anger towards the murderers who took Karina Vetrano and Vanessa Marcotte away from their families. Photos of Marcotte and Vetrano on Instagram and Facebook show young women with a zest for life who enjoyed travel, writing, and spending time with friends and family, per the Inquisitr. While Vanessa Marcotte was laid to rest last week, a march for Karina Vetrano took place in Howard Beach.

Phil Vetrano, the father of murdered New York jogger Karina Vetrano, has been quite vocal in speaking out directly to the man who took his daughter from him, says Heavy. Phil Vetrano, a retired New York firefighter, told the media that it will be “just a matter of days” before the police have someone in custody for taking Karina’s life.


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So far, the police have not made any arrests in the Vetrano case, but Phil Vetrano is still optimistic.

“There is progress in the case. We have a number of very, very strong leads and there are a few suspects that are very interesting to the police.”

Phil Vetrano is hinting that there is something he knows that could break at any moment.

“We know there is a family member of the killer that we need for them to come forward, to finalize this very quickly. She is in great distress. We know she wants to make that call. Make that call. The [reward] money is there. I guarantee the money. If she waits any longer, someone else is going to claim that fund. The time is now to make that call and get that money.”

But Police Commissioner William Bratton has a different take on things and pleads for patience.

“We have no suspects. We’re not close to an arrest. I certainly feel for the family, this young woman, that they would like a resolution to the grief they’re feeling, but we can’t provide that at this time.”

And north of New York in Princeton, Massachusetts, the investigation into the gruesome murder of Google employee Vanessa Marcotte, who was home in Princeton visiting her mother when she was killed, according to the Boston Globe. It’s been two weeks since Marcotte was killed, and Massachusetts State Police spokesman David Procopio stated that while they don’t have anyone in custody at this time, the hunt for Marcotte’s killer is active.

“The investigating is extremely active on multiple fronts. In order to protect the integrity of the ongoing investigation, we will not discuss any specific details.”


Procopio says that at this time last week, Massachusetts State Police had 600 tips, and now they have over 900.

Massachusetts State Police are also reaching out to the FBI, who can offer many more investigative tools, according to the Boston CBS affiliate. Ed Davis, a Boston area security analyst, says that the FBI can help police develop a profile of the murderer.

“The ability to develop a profile based upon the method of operation of the suspect and what the crime scene looked like. It is a significant assistance to the investigators that are here, and the FBI is very good at that.”

The Massachusetts and New York police are still eager for any clues from the public. Massachusetts police say that the man they are looking for likely has scratches and wounds on his body.

Do you think that there will be an arrest soon in the Vetrano or Marcotte murders?

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