Caila Quinn Hopes To Rekindle Friendship With Angry Ashley Iaconetti After ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Boyfriend Drama

Caila Quinn is currently involved in a love triangle on this season’s Bachelor in Paradise, but she’s hoping things will come full circle with former pal Ashley Iaconetti. Wetpaint posted Quinn’s interview on HuffPost’s Here to Make Friends podcast in which the brunette beauty revealed that she spent time with Ashley I. before they both signed on to the ABC summertime reality show.

Caila says the constantly crying Bachelor alum asked her not to come to Paradise because she was afraid her crush, Jared Haibon, would like her.

In the interview, Caila said she wasn’t even planning to join the Bachelor in Paradise cast because she was already dating someone in New York. But when that changed, Quinn signed on to the show at the last minute.

“It was a very last minute decision and I didn’t think I needed to call her and get her approval to come meet somebody new,” Caila told the HuffPo podcast.

Predictably, Ashley I. was not happy when she found out Caila Quinn had hooked up with Jared upon her arrival to Mexico. Now, Caila admits that she should have given Ashley a heads up, although she still can’t believe how her one-time friend overreacted when she found out about her then-12-hour romance with Haibon.

“I should have called her, at the end of the day, [but] she was acting as if we were getting engaged, he’d gotten me a ring, and we were madly in love!” Caila said.

While the love triangle will blow up this season on Bachelor in Paradise, Caila Quinn says the outcome was best “for all parties involved.” Quinn also said she hopes to make amends with Ashley once the drama dies down.

“I still to this day think she’s super sweet and super genuine, and I hope one day we can get back to where we were,” Quinn said.

Jared Haibon, the man caught in the middle, told Glamour that his two former flames aren’t exactly besties.

“I don’t think they are painting each other’s toenails, let me say that,” Haibon said of Caila and Ashley.


Haibon said when he signed on to BIP, he had hoped to just kind of blend into the background and meet someone knew. He was unaware of the history between Quinn and Iaconetti prior to the show.

“I thought coming into Paradise, in all honesty, [last season] revolved all around Kaitlyn [Bristowe’s] guys, so I just figured this season would revolve around JoJo [Fletcher’s] guys and I’d have the possibility of sneaking in the background and meeting someone and really just building my relationship… That’s what I was looking for…I didn’t know that there might have been history already between Caila and Ashley, and I found out about that on the show.”

Jared says he is still “great friends” with Ashley, although he didn’t elaborate on his current relationship with Caila Quinn.

Jared has now said he has officially retired himself from the Bachelor franchise, but Caila Quinn’s future is less clear. Fans recall that Caila, an alum from Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor, was a front-runner for the role as the most recent Bachelorette and filmed an introductory package in her Ohio hometown, according to Us Weekly. However, producers ultimately gave the job to JoJo Fletcher. When Quinn turned up on Paradise, fellow Higgins castoff Lace Morris described her as “the one that was supposed to be the Bachelorette, but then JoJo [Fletcher] took over.”

It would be an unusual move for Bachelorette producers to dig two seasons back into their archives and choose Caila Quinn as an upcoming Bachelorette star, but stranger things have happened on this long-running reality franchise. And if not, there’s always next summer’s Bachelor in Paradise, a show that Ashley I. has signed on for twice already.

Take a look at the video below to see Ashley I. calling out Caila Quinn over dating Jared Haibon.

[Image via ABC]