Just Desserts: Paris Hilton Loses TV Time Over AIDS Comments

Paris Hilton loses a TV documentary

Paris Hilton has received the ultimate punishment following her controversial comments about homosexuals and AIDS: She has lost TV airtime.

A quick recap: The nearly-passe celebrity socialite was caught on tape a week ago in a New York cab saying “Gay guys are the horniest people in the world,”continuing, “They’re disgusting. Dude, most of them probably have AIDS.” She also added that she wouldn’t want to be a gay man: “I would be so scared if I were a gay guy,” she said. “You’ll like, die of AIDS.”

The RadarOnline-reported audio clip got Hilton a bunch of expected backlash. She quickly back-tracked with a statement from one of her reps, saying:

“Paris Hilton is a huge supporter of the gay community and would never purposefully make any negative statements about anyone’s sexual orientation,” continuing, “Paris Hilton’s comments were to express that it is dangerous for anyone to have unprotected sex that could lead to a life threatening disease.”

Hilton herself later issued a personal apology to GLAAD, saying: “Gay people are the strongest and most inspiring people I know … Again, I am so sorry from the bottom of my heart and I feel absolutely horrible. I hope that everyone can accept my apology and know that it is not who I am or how I feel in any way.”

Now, Hilton is suffering the ultimate punishment for a star of her caliber. Executives at TV network Logo have shelved a documentary about Paris Hilton following her controversial AIDS comments, despite several apologies. A representative for the channel says the documentary “has been removed from the schedule,” reports MSN.

So wait, you’re telling me that Paris Hilton won’t be on TV this year? That’s hot.