‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Adam’s Plea Brings Shockers, Victoria Bids Farewell, And Phyllis Makes A Decision

Young and the Restless spoilers detail that Monday’s episode will be a wild one. Dylan and Paul found the missing diary pages that exonerate Adam, but during hallucinations behind bars, Adam assaulted a guard. Victoria reunited with Travis to try to convince him to return to Genoa City, and teasers indicate that things move forward on all fronts during the August 22 show.

According to SheKnows Soaps, word about Adam’s attack on the guard will spread quickly. Nick and Phyllis will discuss what they’ve heard, and they will also talk about Victoria’s trip. While neither of them will have heard from her, Young and Restless spoilers share that Nick will indicate that he is confident that she’ll bring Travis back to Genoa City so they can expose Luca’s antics. During their talk about Adam, Nick will voice support for his brother.

As viewers saw last week, Victoria found Travis, and the two ended up having a very romantic reunion. Young and the Restless spoilers indicate that they will be snuggling in bed, and he notes that he was only still there to be found due to a problem with his boat’s generator. He once again asks her to bring the kids and sail away with him, but she again says that she cannot pull her kids away from Genoa City.

Victoria and Travis will argue a bit over her reluctance to join him, and Young and Restless spoilers note that she will ask him once more whether he will head back with her. However, he declines, and they agree that they will both cherish the night they spent together. Later, she will board a plane to return home, and he will see that Victoria found a photo of her that he keeps. Is this really the end for these two?


Adam is in a very difficult spot now, as he should have been able to be released from prison due to what the diary pages revealed, but his attack on the guard has prompted additional charges. Young and the Restless spoilers detail that Victor will approach Michael and push him for details regarding his strategy, and Michael fills Newman in on what went down in the incident. Soon, Victor will bring in Leslie Michaelson and ask her to represent his son, as he doesn’t believe that Michael is up to the task.

Chelsea is, naturally, quite worried about her husband, and she visits him in Walworth. Young and the Restless spoilers share that Adam will insist that he can get things straightened out, but he also admits that he doesn’t remember the incident. He learns that the guard was quite seriously injured, and it seems he’ll push Chelsea away. She tracks down Michael and begs him to get her husband out of jail.

Soap Central details that Michael will urge Adam to plead not guilty by reason of insanity on the new charge. Young and the Restless spoilers share that they will argue over this, but eventually, Adam agrees that it is the right approach. At the courthouse, Michael will see Victor and Leslie together, and this brings about some tense interactions. Nick intervenes, and people gather for the hearing as word emerges that the guard is in a coma.

Kevin and Chloe will discuss the incident and she talks about heading to Adam’s arraignment. Young and the Restless spoilers note that Chelsea will try to dissuade her from going, but Kevin and Chloe plead with Chelsea to let them support her. At the courthouse, as the judge asks Adam for his plea, he flashes back to what happened. Rather than plead not guilty by reason of insanity, he pleads guilty.


Viewers will see Jack and Billy talk, as Jack gives his brother come cufflinks that belonged to John. He mentions Phyllis and her plans to break up Summer and Luca, and Young and Restless spoilers share that he will express some relief that at least his wife isn’t lying to him anymore. Later, Billy finds Phyllis at Jabot and cautions her about interfering in Summer’s wedding. He learns about Vikki’s trip and voices concern that she’ll end up getting hurt.

Young and the Restless spoilers note that Billy and Phyllis will question one another about feeling jealous, and soon they hear from Vikki that she is heading home alone. Teasers indicate that Summer will talk with Luca about her concerns over Travis, and he lies and says that his investigators couldn’t find him. Jack shows up and chats them up, and she will tell him that she’s unhappy with her mother’s response to the things.

However, Phyllis soon arrives at the Club as well and tells her husband that he was right to confront her about her drive to control people. She tells her daughter that she will be at the wedding, and while she doesn’t necessarily fully embrace the upcoming union, she will tell Summer that she supports her right to make her own choices.

Will Phyllis really let go of her plans to break up Summer and Luca? Is Travis out of Victoria’s life for good? Will Adam’s guilty plea stand, and will this keep him behind bars for many years to come? Young and the Restless spoilers detail that this will be a week jam-packed with action, and fans will not want to miss what comes next.

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