‘Sherlock’ Gets A Musical Parody Thanks To The Hillywood Show

The Hillywood Show has done it again, this time with the “Sherlock Parody.” Sisters Hilly and Hannah Hindi shared their latest parody video on their YouTube channel on August 20, and fans have gone crazy with excitement.

After the “Supernatural Parody,” some fans wondered whether it could be topped. For Sherlock fans, it certainly was, especially considering the time and effort that had gone into filming it. The scenes were shot in London despite the sisters living in Las Vegas. The money for the parodies come from donations from fans, T-shirt sales, and sponsorship.

The “Sherlock Parody” takes fans through the world of Sherlock Holmes, who solves crimes with his partner, Dr. John Watson. For those who haven’t seen Sherlock, it’s a modern-day version of the 19th-century “high functioning sociopath.” The Hillywood Show has included intricate details that only fans of the show will appreciate.

Some of the favorite moments come from Sherlock episodes “A Study in Pink,” “A Scandal in Belgravia,” and “The Sign of Three.”

As with all the other parodies from the Hindi sisters, the “Sherlock Parody” has taken an original song and made it fit the show perfectly. In this case, “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis was used, with original lyrics to suit the parody. An arrangement was also developed by John Hogue, with Seda Baykara providing the violin to finish it off.

The video wouldn’t be complete without a few cameos, and they came right at the end. The Hillywood Show has Steven Moffat and his son, Louis, appear at the end to tell the Hindi sisters off for disturbing the filming of Sherlock Season 4.

Supernatural fans will also rejoice at the sighting of Osric Chau, who played Kevin Tran on the show. The Hillywood Show fans will also recognize him after he appeared in two previous parodies: “The Supernatural Parody” and “The Walking Dead Parody.” He is a big fan of the sisters, and with the assistance of Richard Speight Jr., helped to bring many cast members from Supernatural to their own parody to make fans scream.

The Sherlock parody has now had more than half a million views since it was released on August 20. It still has a way to go to meet the “Supernatural Parody’s” total so far of 11.1 million since it was release in May last year. That parody remains the sisters’ most popular one.

Along with the parody, Hilly and Hannah released a “Sherlock Video Diary” and a behind-the-scenes look at the filming. These have proven popular with fans in the past, as they love to see the bloopers, the way shows were filmed, and insights from the sisters as they find their costumes and develop the dance routines.

The Hillywood Show has been on YouTube since March 2006. They started with parodies of Pirates of the Caribbean but became popular with the parodies of Twilight. They started with mash-ups of songs but soon moved onto creating their own lyrics and have now amassed 1.1 million subscribers and more than 187 million views.

The sisters started this purely for fun and continue to want to entertain their fans. They ask for donations through Patreon, and it is possible to follow the link through their YouTube channel. If fans would like to see them at Comic Cons, fans can write into the specific Comic Cons to request for their appearances.

Are you a Sherlock fan? What do you think of the latest parody from the Hillywood Show? Check it out above and share a comment below.

[Image via The Hillywood Show]