‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Houseguests Scolded And Made To Recant Statements On Camera About Giving Other Players Gifts, Which May Have Changed Eviction Target

Big Brother 18 live feeds caught more houseguest drama early Monday morning, as two houseguests were called to the Diary Room to talk to production about statements made regarding gift-giving to other players. Not only did this create a stir in the house, but it may have changed the game and this week’s eviction target.

At around 3:45 a.m. on August 22, Nicole Franzel could be seen on CBS All Access live feeds cuddling in bed with her showmance partner Corey Brooks when she was called to the Diary Room. Nicole quickly jumped out of bed to prepare and eventually made her way to the session.

Upon her exit from the Diary Room, at around 3:51 a.m., Nicole could be seen walking with purpose and breathing heavily through the Big Brother 18 house while calling out for James Huling. When she failed to locate him downstairs, Nicole walked upstairs to the Head of Household (HOH) room to look for him.

She opened the door to the room and said, “James we got in trouble,” as current HOH Natalie Negrotti, Michelle Meyer, Paul Abrahamian, and Victor Arroyo, also present, looked on.

Nicole wouldn’t elaborate but said, “I have to say on camera I won’t buy, or I won’t get you something nice.”

Paul was very confused and proclaimed, “Wait… what?”


James joked and told Nicole, “I’m not going to get you anything nice either,” as she left.

Nicole quickly left and headed back to bed as the HOH room buzzed about what had just taken place, discussing the fact it is apparently against the rules to talk about gifts or exchanging money. When Natalie pondered why talking about giving money or gifts was bad, Paul explained this could be seen as “bribery.”


Victor noted on live feeds that bribing other houseguests is against the law, per the statutes pertaining to game shows due to the scandals that took place decades ago. He also stated that any sort of bribery simply ruins the integrity of the overall game.


James said he couldn’t discuss what he and Nicole spoke about on Sunday, and Michelle could be heard on live feeds asking if it had to do with some kind of deal.

James said, “No,” to which his showmance partner Natalie said, “It better not.”


Victor commented to James that Big Brother just ruined his game because the whole ordeal made him look “super sketchy.” Minutes later, James was called to the Diary Room.


Talk then focused on Nicole and how she could have approached James in private rather than in front of everyone who was in the HOH room.

Natalie asked the group, “Was Nicole doing that to upset me?”

She then noted regarding Nicole, “She really is sketchy.”

James returned to the HOH room and said to everyone, “I can’t buy anybody anything.”

Speaking to Natalie he stated, “I can’t buy you nothin’.”

Natalie said she never wanted anything, and James noted, “I know, but I have to tell you that.”

He then finally revealed after a little prodding by Natalie that the whole issue surrounded Nicole talking earlier about the idea that if she won Big Brother 18, “she would be generous… with everybody on the show.” When asked by Natalie if Nicole meant she would “buy people stuff,” James clarified Nicole said she’d “look out for everybody.”

Michelle thought it was strange that Nicole would even say such a thing, and James told the group that Nicole had been talking about how she didn’t make very much money as a registered nurse, which Michelle found even more peculiar.


Joker’s Updates reports James had stopped by the Tokyo room to tell Nicole that the houseguests in the HOH were “freaking” about their warnings from production, and relayed the group thought maybe Nicole was trying to garner a sympathy vote.

After James left the showmance couple, Nicole and Corey discussed how they believed it was inappropriate that production called Nicole when they did and required her to recant her gift-giving statement as she did. Nicole further commented she is probably going up on the block over this fiasco.


It should be noted that Natalie is the current HOH, as mentioned, but Michelle was given this week’s care package and was deemed co-HOH. Natalie nominated Victor for eviction as the likely target to send to the jury, and Michelle nominated Paul. However, Paul won the Power of Veto (POV) and is expected to take himself off the block.


Thus, Michelle will be required to choose a replacement nominee.


Nicole was not wrong about now being a target, as not long after everyone settled in their beds, Natalie and Michelle talked about using Nicole as Paul’s replacement. As the two women lay in the dark, Michelle could be heard on live feeds telling Natalie she really wants to put Nicole on the block. Natalie noted that if by Thursday, live eviction day, they still want Nicole gone, she can convince James to vote her out.


Ironically, unbeknownst to cast members, America’s Care Package in Week 10 will be a Big Brother bribe, giving the recipient $5,000, presumably to use to bribe other houseguests into making certain game moves, according to Romper.

The houseguests also don’t know one of the first five jury members, which will include Thursday’s evictee, will be battling it out to return to the game, so whoever goes out the door week 9 may be returning not long after being evicted.

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