Man Beats 7-Month-Old Baby To Death Because Test Results Say He Is Not The Father

[Warning: This story contains content some readers may find distressing]

Chris McMorris, a Brooklyn Park man has been charged on two counts of second-degree murder without intent after beating a seven-month old baby to death, CBS Minnesota is reporting.

According to the charges filed by the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office, Brooklyn Park police officers and paramedics were called to a residence in March, on account that an infant was not breathing and was unresponsive. Despite attempts to save the baby’s life, she was pronounced dead 90 minutes after she arrived at the North Memorial Hospital, Minnesota.

[Autopsy reports showed baby had died from a ruptured liver/Photo by iStock] Autopsy reports showed baby had died from a ruptured liver [Photo by iStock]An autopsy report revealed that the female baby had 11 rib fractures, several bruises on her scalp, face, back, abdomen and buttocks. A medical examination also revealed that she had suffered a liver laceration which bled into her stomach. The coroner’s verdict was that the baby had died of blunt force injuries to her abdomen.

McMorris was the only one with the baby at the time of her painful death. The 24-year-old man lived with the girl’s mother and a 12-year-old relative at the Brooklyn Park residence.

Authorities, who have established the death as a homicide, believe the motive for the senseless killing was because Chris found out he was not the father of the child. The signs of abuse began to appear, and three days later the child was dead.

On the days leading to the infant’s death, McMorris had dropped the baby at the daycare center after the mother left for work, and staff noticed that the little girl had two burst blood vessels in her eye. The next day, staffers noticed she had a bruise on her left cheek and scratches. The third day, the girl had bruises on her back. The daycare staff documented all injuries and forwarded the case to Hennepin County Child Protection.

[Daycare staff had noticed injuries and reported to Child Protection Services/Photo by iStock] [Daycare staff had noticed injuries and reported to Child Protection Services/Photo by iStock]The girl’s mother was also notified about her daughter’s injuries. She could not explain how the little girl got her injuries and argued that the baby was healthy save for a cold she developed. She took no action and left the helpless baby with her boyfriend again on March 24, the day the baby died.

Chris McMorris called 911 at 9:14 a.m. that morning, claiming that the child was not breathing. When respondents arrived on the scene, the Brooklyn Park man provided inconsistent accounts of what really happened. He claimed the baby had abruptly stopped breathing and started vomiting a white substance.

This is not the first time that a man would be caught for beating a baby to death. In August, Cory Morris, a 21-year-old man also from Minnesota, punched his four-mont- old daughter Emersyn 22 times in the face and chest because of “baby talk.”

His girlfriend had gone to work, and he had been saddled with watching over the baby girl. Morris revealed during his interrogation that he was trying to watch television, but the baby would not keep quiet.

He had taken her out of a swing, placed her on the table, and punched her 15 times in the face and seven times in the chest. Morris had then pressed her chest with both hands.

Police who arrived on the scene had found the baby “lying in a pool of blood” with blood spatter on the walls and floor. Morris was covered in blood and had a swollen right hand.

In 2014, Ahmed Ibrahim, beat his eight-month-old daughter, Nawal to death with an Xbox controller after playing a video game. Ibrahim, who was 29-years-old at the time and a father-of-three, said he could not remember killing his daughter.

Nawal’s mother had left her youngest child and two older children with her husband at their Seattle apartment while she went to work. She returned the next day and found Ibrahim cuddling the dead child.

An autopsy showed that the eight-month-old girl suffered wounds to the face, back, chest, and stomach. In addition, she suffered skull fractures and tissue from her upper lip and gum had been wrenched out.

Ibrahim, a Seattle Airport baggage handler and heroin addict, had tried to pin the murder on his two-year-old daughter. The medical examiner had said it was impossible for a toddler to cause the blunt force trauma that killed the infant.

Ahmed Ibrahim was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Chris McMorris has been charged with the death of the seven-month old baby and if convicted could see 40 years in prison on each count for second-degree murder.

[Image via Hennepin County Sherriff’s Office]