Jinger Duggar’s Fiancé, Jeremy Vuolo, Photographed Putting Garter On His Cousin’s Leg At A Wedding

Jinger Duggar’s fiancé, Jeremy Vuolo, has some experience with wedding traditions. The former soccer pro caught the bride’s garter at a family member’s wedding, and he was photographed sliding it onto his cousin’s leg. The picture of Jeremy and his cousin would likely get a big “Nike!” from Jinger’s conservative family members, and it has some fans of the Duggar family scratching their heads.

On August 20, the Duggar Family News: Life Is Not All Pickles and Hairspray Facebook page shared a photo of Jeremy Vuolo placing a garter on a young woman’s leg.

“Jeremy doing the garter tradition to his cousin. I’m pretty sure we won’t see this at his wedding,” the photo was captioned.

Some fans were confused by the photo.

“Isn’t the groom supposed to do this?” one commenter wrote.

What likely happened is this: Jeremy Vuolo caught the garter after the bride threw it, and his cousin caught the bouquet. According to Bridebox, some brides and grooms take these two popular traditions one step further by having the man who caught the garter place it on the leg of the woman who caught the bouquet.

What some longtime fans and critics of the Duggars might find odd about the photo of Jeremy and his cousin is that the Duggar family’s courtship rules forbid him from interacting with Jinger Duggar in a similar manner. As People reports, the Duggar daughters are only allowed a minimal amount of physical contact with their partners before they get married. They can only side-hug their beaus until they say “I do,” and hand-holding is prohibited until a couple is engaged. Needless to say, sliding a garter up a girl’s leg would likely be frowned upon by the Duggars.

“Emotions get heated the closer you get,” Michelle Duggar said of her family’s courtship rules about physical contact. “You’re like two magnets being pulled together. You need boundaries.”

The courtship rule book gets thrown out the window after a couple gets hitched, so Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar could take part in the garter tradition at their own wedding if they wanted to. They would just have to make sure to avoid “defrauding” guests by showing too much of Jinger’s leg.

In their TLC wedding specials, neither Jill Duggar Dillard nor Jessa Duggar Seewald was shown taking part in the garter tradition. However, Josh Duggar can be seen shooting his wife’s garter behind his head in the 2009 special “A Very Duggar Wedding.” The removal of the garter was not shown, but Josiah Duggar was filmed catching it and wearing it like a headband.

Josh Duggar Wedding Reception

The topic of garters didn’t come up during Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo’s recent interview with Us Weekly about their wedding plans. The only detail the couple divulged is that they’re going to have a smaller wedding than Jinger’s older sisters, who both invited around 1,000 guests to their televised ceremonies.

“We’re trying to keep it intimate, between family and friends,” Jeremy revealed. “We want to be very intentional with who we invite.”

Jinger and Jeremy got engaged on a rooftop in NYC on July 25 after just seven months of courting. The couple hasn’t set a wedding date yet, but some members of Freejinger.org, a web community named after Jinger Duggar, have discovered evidence that Jinger recently went shopping for a wedding dress with a few of her family members. According to one commenter, they were spotted at the same Fredericksburg, Virginia, dress shop where Jill purchased her wedding gown.

Viewers may get to see Jinger Duggar’s dress during Season 2 of Counting On, which premieres Tuesday, August 23, at 8 p.m. E.T. on TLC. However, it’s also possible that Season 2 will end with Jeremy Vuolo proposing to Jinger, which means that fans won’t get to watch the couple planning their wedding unless the show returns for a third season.

[Image via TLC]