WWE News: Backstage News On WWE Women’s Title Change At WWE Summerslam, Update On Sasha Banks’ Injury Status

Last night at WWE Summerslam, Sasha Banks defended the WWE Women’s Championship against Charlotte. The match didn’t go without its fair share of speed bumps. There were some botches that hurt the overall quality of the match, but their match had a lot more good than bad. However, the WWE Universe still has a lot of questions about the match and its final result.

In one of the biggest surprises of the night, Charlotte defeated Sasha Banks clean to regain the WWE Women’s Championship after Sasha held the title for only a few weeks. Collectively, the WWE Universe wants to know why the decision was made to put the championship back onto Charlotte so soon after The Boss finally won the title.

Not only that, but there is a lot of speculation about The Boss’ status after taking some rough bumps during the match. Shortly after her match at WWE Summerslam, it was reported by Wrestlezone that Banks has been removed from all upcoming WWE Raw live events until late September. Thankfully, the WWE Universe didn’t have to wait long for answers to all their questions.

Sasha Banks Expected to Take Some Time Off From WWE [Image via WWE.com]According to a report from Cage Side Seats, it is being reported that Sasha Banks losing the WWE Women’s Championship last night to Charlotte was planned over a week ago. The decision was made by WWE officials to put the title back on Charlotte because Sasha has been dealing with some nagging injuries that require her to take some time off from the ring and the road.

The expectation is Sasha Banks will still be featured on Raw and at WWE Clash of Champions later next month, but she won’t be appearing on any WWE live events until a house show on September 23rd in Moline, Illinois. However, it’s possible she may not be featured on Raw for the next month either.

Additionally, there is a lot of speculation that Sasha Banks suffered some kind of more serious injury last night during a rough bump where she was dropped from the top rope by Charlotte. Although the bumps she took last night aren’t going to help with her nagging injuries, it is being reported by Daily Wrestling News that Sasha was helped to the back, but she didn’t suffer a serious injury during the match with Charlotte last night at WWE Summerslam.

Charlotte Regained the WWE Womens Champion at WWE Summerslam [Image via WWE.com]It was previously reported that WWE officials made the decision to have the WWE Women’s Championship change hands on Raw a few weeks ago to get the show off to a great start with a big moment. Most of the WWE Universe assumed that was the big moment of the feud between Banks and Charlotte, but last night proved those assumptions to be wrong. Now the question becomes what’s next for Charlotte if The Boss is going to be taking a hiatus for her body to heal?

There have been some rumblings in the rumor mill and on WWE programming that Charlotte vs. Dana Brooke could be coming sooner rather than later, but most of this depends on if Banks will continue to appear on Raw over the next several weeks to build to another WWE Women’s Championship match at WWE Clash of Champions.

There is also the strong possibility for Bayley to join WWE’s main roster as early as tonight’s edition of Raw, so Bayley may come into the WWE Women’s title picture to take Sasha’s spot over the next month. When The Boss returns, we could see a triple threat situation between the three women or WWE may have something else up their sleeve. Time will tell all eventually.

[Image via WWE.com]