Washington Mom Arrested After Police Find Kids, Dog, And Drugs Stuffed In Car Trunk

Woodville, WA – Police officers found far more than what they bargained when they pulled over Anna Boyle for speeding. During what was initially thought to be a routine traffic stop along Washington State Highway, troopers found three children, the family dog, and a myriad of drugs inside the trunk of the car.

A lengthy search of Boyle’s trunk revealed heroin, speed, drug paraphernalia, and a variety of pills, and the interior of the car reportedly smelled like marijuana. When Washington State Troopers questioned Anna Boyle, she reportedly admitted that she “took a few hits earlier.” With so many types of illegal drugs in the vehicle, she probably should have been a bit more specific about the type of “hits” she took for the sake of police report clarity.

The mother-of-three allegedly appeared very nervous when the law enforcement officers approached the car during the Sunday morning traffic stop. Boyle’s fiancé, Aaron Johnson, 28, was riding in the passenger seat of the Nissan Sentra. Fortunately for the driver’s significant other, the trunk was too full of kids, drugs, and a dog for Boyle to consider stashing him in there as well.

While questioning the driver and passenger about the pot smell, the officers heard a thumping sound coming from the trunk. When the Washington State Troopers opened the trunk to investigate, they found the driver’s 8-year-old daughter and her two sons, ages 7 and 5, crowded in the trunk with a small dog, according to the New York Daily News.

Anna Boyle, 27, allegedly claimed her children had crawled into the trunk from an opening in the backseat. The officers were not sure if the kids had ever been in the backseat; it was filled with a snowboard, guitar, and bags, KHQ News notes.

The children told the police officers that they had not eaten since the night before, so the caring troopers treated the hungry kids to McDonalds before transporting them safely to a Child Protective Services facility.