Miranda Lambert Announces She Is Engaged, Crowd Goes Wild

Miranda Lambert just made a huge announcement and shared the news that she is engaged. The thing is she isn’t engaged to her boyfriend Anderson East like everyone expected. Miranda isn’t engaged to her ex-husband Blake Shelton either. People shared that it was actually a 6-year-old boy that was able to steal her heart. While performing in a concert at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium on Saturday, Miranda Lambert shared the news about the boy who won her over.

Miranda actually showed off a pink jewel on her ring finger to the crowd. She seemed really happy about what happened. Miranda Lambert shared with her fans how it all went down.

“I got engaged today. There’s a little 6-year-old boy somewhere here named Sebastian. He asked me to marry him, and I said, ‘Yes, in 25 years.’ When he came to my meet and greet, he got down on one knee and he was such a gentleman. It may be my favorite proposal ever … ‘Cause girls, we deserve that. We deserve that.”

A fan named Sarah Goddard explained that she had a meet and greet. The little boy came up to her asking if she would propose to Miranda Lambert for him. Instead of doing this, Sarah actually took the little boy in with her and said he was her son. At a lot of concerts, you need a meet and greet for every single person in your party, including children, but somehow this worked out.

Goddard explained it saying, “I told his mom he could come in with me ‘as my son’ so he could propose to Miranda himself. He bought the ring himself … his mom said he’s been holding on to it since Christmas, waiting for an opportunity to propose to Miranda.”

So far, things seem to be going great for Miranda Lambert and Anderson East. The two have been dating a while, but they are not actually engaged yet. Us Magazine shared the news that Miranda was seen wearing a t-shirt with Anderson East’s name on it during a concert. Miranda was wearing a shirt that said Anderson East on it and wasn’t afraid to show it off on stage. She had it on with cut off jean shorts.

Miranda Lambert still hasn’t done an interview or talked about Anderson East. She does post about him on her social networks and isn’t shy about it. Her ex-husband Blake Shelton is always talking about his new relationship with Gwen Stefani. Miranda has avoided doing this and is just enjoying her life with Anderson East. They did reveal that they were dating back in January. Even though Miranda isn’t talking about her relationship, she is actually speaking out about her new album.

Miranda talked to Billboard about her new single, “Vice.”

“[It] takes a lot of confidence and strength to be willing to be vulnerable. And I feel like when you listen to this song, there’s really nothing to read into. It says what it says. Everybody has a vice. Everybody goes through a time in their life when they run to it a little bit more than when they don’t. When I’m journaling my life and putting it on paper to a melody and then allowing people to hear it, I can’t worry about what somebody might twist it into, because it’s not like I’m hiding anything.”

Are you shocked to hear that Miranda Lambert told this boy that she would marry him in 25 years? Do you think that Miranda will actually be getting married to Anderson East soon? Sound off in the comments section below. Things are looking great for Miranda, and fans will just have to wait and see what happens for now.

[Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]