‘Baywatch’ Star Priyanka Chopra Says She Did It All On Her Own

Priyanka Chopra is an inspiration to Americans just as much as she’s an idol for generations of aspiring actresses in her native country of India. Much of that has to do with her perseverance and her resulting achievements in crossing over from Indian filmmaking to the broader reaching feature films of America’s Hollywood. In a new interview, Priyanka talks about the success she has achieved thus far, earning roles on ABC’s Quantico and the big budget feature film reboot of Baywatch, but don’t expect Ms. Chopra to credit anyone else for her success. Priyanka says she’s done it all on her own.

Baywatch Star Priyanka Chopra On Acting From Bollywood To Hollywood

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Whether she’s talking about her accomplishments or her failings, Priyanka Chopra told India Times that she won’t credit anyone else for the events of her life. From a young age, Priyanka has known what she has wanted for her life and she says she’s never been afraid of going after it, risking failure, so that when she did finally succeed, she could feel proud in knowing she did it without anyone’s help. Being crowned Miss India at 17 and following that up by earning the Miss World crown, Chopra says she’s had opportunities to learn about the world that most other people don’t get.

“I went on from becoming an aeronautical engineer, carefree teenager to standing on a world stage, where I have to have a point of view on probably the most important world events.”

Priyanka says her own courage and drive to succeed helped her to get as far as she has today, adding that she has always been gifted with the ability to recognize new opportunities as they present themselves. Chopra adds that it had been those characteristics which led her to pursue acting in the Hindi film industry in spite of lacking experience, contacts, or formal training.

“I guess I just had a belief in myself, and it’s been an incredible journey with highs, lows, successes, failures, joy, sadness, and everything else in the middle, but it’s been all my own.”

Fame Hasn’t Gone To Priyanka’s Head

Success is coming to Priyanka in waves here in the U.S., even while she continues to excel in the Hindi film industry, so she’s one of the few actresses that can legitimately claim a worldwide presence, reports Bollywood Life. Ms. Chopra has even expanded into modeling, gracing the covers of some of America’s most popular women’s magazines. When a celebrity garners as much fame as Ms. Chopra has, it’s often time to step back and let others handle the fan mail and social media accounts, but Priyanka reveals that’s just not her style.

“People think that my team manages my Twitter account,” says Ms. Chopra. “But since the beginning, my fingertips have been on my account. I tweet like a random person. I sometimes try to capture the moon which looks hazy because my phone camera sucks. I write anything I want. I use the other social media accounts when I have time.”

Currently, Priyanka Chopra has 14 million followers on Twitter and 10 million Instagram followers, so that alone is an impressive process with which she keeps herself involved. In other words, when Priyanka Chopra likes your comment or shares your post, know that it really is the Quantico star and not some random assistant. Priyanka is that random assistant.

In addition to starring in Baywatch alongside Alexandra Daddario and Dwayne Johnson, Priyanka Chopra is currently filming Season 2 of Quantico. Ms. Chopra will join Heidi Klum as a judge on Project Runway as well.

Baywatch is scheduled for a May 19, 2017 theatrical release.

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