’60 Days In’ News: Monalisa Reveals What Her Daughter Is In Jail For, More About Her Life

A new season of 60 Days In is here on A&E. Fans wants to get to know these new people who made the decision to go behind bars. Monalisa is one of the women there, and Monalisa said her daughter is in jail. Monalisa feels like she can learn what is like for her daughter by going in to jail herself. Radio TV Talk shared some of the details about Monalisa’s daughter and what she is actually in jail for and when she will get out. Monalisa will be in jail for two months on the show.

It turns out that Monalisa’s daughter is in jail because of an armed robbery. It was explained that she did this to feed an addiction to drugs that she was dealing with at the time. Monalisa shared saying, “She’s a caged animal now. I kind of don’t even think of her as being human.” Monalisa even runs the group Parents With Incarcerated Children to help her deal with the pain of her daughter being gone.


Monalisa was found on social networks and asked to do the show. This could be because of Monalisa’s connection to the group Parents With Incarcerated Children. At first, she wasn’t interested, but Monalisa changed her mind and ended up doing the show. Monalisa explained to her daughter why she did the show.

“I need to know what it’s like on the other side of those walls. I need to understand what you are going through day to day. Not only that, with me being the founder of this organization helping parents who have kids incarcerated, I wanted to know the lifestyle of incarceration. I felt like I needed my own voice, to be able to stand stronger for the parents by knowing the truth.”

Monalisa’s daughter, Sierra, was unsure why her mom would want to do this show. Sierra was on the Dean’s list at her school when she was arrested. Her mom was shocked that she ended up behind bars. Sierra took a plea deal and got 10 years behind bars. This was after Monalisa spent $37,000 on lawyers, trying to keep her out of jail. Once a month, Monalisa spends $1,000 to go and visit her daughter in jail. Money is obviously a bit of an issue since this costs so much, so this could be one reason Monalisa decided to do the show.


Essence did an interview with Monalisa and shared some of the details about what she had to say about her daughter and 60 Days In. Monalisa shared that before her daughter graduated high school, she had never been in trouble before at all. Monalisa’s daughter ended up hooked on a drug called Molly, and became really distant from her mom, which wasn’t normal at all. Monalisa finally went looking for her after not hearing from her for two weeks and found out she hadn’t been going to college either. She got a call from her daughter telling her she was in jail. Monalisa explained when she found out this news.

“I thought she was joking with me. I said, ‘Sierra, quit playing. You know, I am working right now and I do not have time to play with you.’ She started to cry. She said, ‘I confessed to something, I’m in big trouble and I need an attorney.'”

Sierra was with a friend and Monalisa shared that she was influenced by an older man when she did this robbery. Monalisa’s daughter confessed so this came with a mandatory sentence for her.

Are you shocked to hear that Monalisa went into jail just to see what it is like for her daughter? Do you think that Monalisa made the right choice by deciding to do the show? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of 60 Days In on A&E. New episodes with Monalisa air on Thursday nights each week.

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