Selena Gomez Can’t Get Over ‘Unhealthy And Turbulent’ Justin Bieber Romance — Taylor Swift Girl Squad Friends Urge Her To Try Extreme Methods?

New reports claim that Selena Gomez is still haunted by her “unhealthy and turbulent” on-off relationship with Justin Bieber. Selena and Justin dated between 2009 and 2015 and their doomed romance has garnered countless column inches and remains a source of deep distress to Selena, if new reports are to be believed.

Sunshine Coast Daily reported in 2013 that Selena Gomez attempted to pull away from Justin following their first breakup that year, but Bieber lured her back. It was the beginning of a rollercoaster ride that played out with the world watching and continues to this day.

One source told the press at the time that “We did everything we could to keep them apart, but he was so persistent. It’s really unhealthy they have such a turbulent relationship at such a young age. He leaves her in floods of tears constantly.”

The exes clashed recently when Gomez called Justin Bieber out on Instagram over his treatment of his fans. Justin had been posting shots of himself with newest girl Sofia Richie and told his fans that he would make his account private if they did not stop sending hate towards Lionel Richie’s seventeen-year-old daughter. Selena commented on Justin’s post, calling him out for flaunting the young beauty on his Instagram page then criticizing his fans when some of them made negative remarks.

Selena initially insisted that she just wanted to see Justin “at his best,” showing his appreciation for the fan base that took him to the top. However, in the days after the clash, Hollywood Life reported that Selena was more motivated by hurt and jealousy than she first let on.

“The reason why Selena is so upset is because she still loves Justin… They were each others’ first love and there’s still a lot of emotion and attachment. That’s why Selena still watches him on social media and keeps tabs on him. Her emotions are not raw, but they are still very tender and seeing Justin with Sofia really struck a nerve.”

Selena is not the only one who still feels strongly about the “Jelena” romance. Many fans still fantasize about a reunion, tabloids still reach out to insiders looking for scoops about how the singers feel about each other, and has just published a piece calling Justin and Selena the love story of our time, and comparing the couple to Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

“They’re the Liz and Dick of our time — with 140-character hissy fits replacing the boozy screaming matches.”


Hollywood Life is now reporting that Selena believes Justin Bieber was her soul mate. Another report by the mag reveals that Selena’s friends are encouraging her to try hypnosis to attempt to finally get over Justin Bieber.

“Everyone is trying to help her. One of her friends is even pushing her to try hypnosis to see if she can get past this once and for all.”

Justin has dated countless women since breaking up with Selena and allegedly cheated on the actress during their romance. Selena too has had flings with people like Niall Horan from One Direction and actor Orlando Bloom, however has generally found it harder to move on, according to reports.

“It’s difficult because she can’t understand why it’s been so easy for him to move on and so hard for her.”

Hollywood Life states that Justin was angry at Selena for continually trying to insert herself into his affairs. Justin quit Instagram completely following Selena’s outburst, causing headaches for owner Mark Zuckerberg, according to Market Watch.

“Mark Zuckerberg ought to worry about [Justin Bieber’s] departure. Facebook bought the photo-sharing network in 2012, but Instagram has been battling to stay relevant as disappearing-chat app Snapchat continues to win over younger fans.”

Selena’s best friend Taylor Swift has long been attempting to pull Selena away from Justin Bieber, and a recent report by IB Times even claimed that Justin blames Taylor Swift for his ongoing problems with the “Good For You” singer. It sounds like Taylor had Selena’s ear during and after Selena’s relationship with Justin, and always told her friend that she believed Bieber is bad news.

“[Justin] blames Taylor for some of his issues with Selena and that will never go away.”

Selena Gomez has said that she considers herself the “OG” member of Taylor Swift’s girl squad, and Selena was said to be furious with Justin when he dissed Taylor Swift following Taylor’s recent clash with Kanye West. It was not surprising that Justin did this — he has that ongoing beef with Taylor, and he is also known to be good friends with Taylor’s enemy Kanye.

Most of Selena’s friends are also part of Taylor Swift’s girl squad — it would not be a surprise if it was one of these girls, or perhaps even Taylor herself, who is the one encouraging Selena Gomez to use hypnotherapy to try to get over Justin Bieber.


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