‘Wonder Woman’ Star Gal Gadot Reveals Why She Hated Los Angeles

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot reveals just how different life is in Los Angeles, compared to her native country of Israel and even when compared to other cities right here in the United States, as she opens up about the relocation experience. She may be world-weary as DC’s Wonder Woman, but Gadot isn’t so experienced and her words on transplanting herself to Los Angeles reveals the culture shock inherent whenever anyone leaves their native country or land for greener pastures.

Wonder Woman‘s Gal Gadot Hated Los Angeles And Here’s Why

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In talking with Ms. Gadot, The Record learns that Gal was overwhelmed with the bustle of Los Angeles life from the moment she stepped off of her plane. It wasn’t all of American society that had Gadot feeling so confounded, but just the fact that everyone seemed to have some tie to the entertainment industry. The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice actress says it was very disorienting.

“I didn’t like it at all. It felt like everyone was in the industry – the waitress is an actress and the guy at the gas station is a producer,” says the Wonder Woman star. “It was too much for me.”

Gal stuck it out and eventually came to accept that, like herself, everyone in Los Angeles was chasing a dream of their own. Once she settled in and came to know the city as her new home, Gal says she started to feel better. Getting to know people helped.

“But I made friends, and now I can find myself in LA,” says Ms. Gadot.

Down the road, Gadot faced another dilemma when she became pregnant with daughter Alma, who is now 4-years-old. Gal and husband Yaron Varsano were happy to bring Alma into their lives, but Ms. Gadot shares feeling conflicted about continuing her acting career, as opposed to staying home to be a greater influence in raising her daughter.

In the end, Gadot says she continued to pursue acting because of Alma.

“There is always hesitation, Alma comes before everything,” says the Wonder Woman actress. “Before I had her, when I was just thinking about getting into acting, I wasn’t sure how it was going to work with travelling. We lead a really hectic life.”

Now, with Alma to consider, Gal realizes there’s more to parenting than just providing the necessities. She also wants to be a role model for her daughter and, as Gadot reveals, her husband was instrumental in helping her understand that pursuing her own dreams would best help her to be someone Alma could admire.

“My husband told me, ‘What kind of role model do you want to be? You love to work, you love to challenge yourself.’ That made me realize I want my daughter to believe everything is possible,” says Ms. Gadot. “There are a lot of logistics of course. You never sleep in, but it’s worth it.”

Gal Gadot Answers The “Batman Or Superman” Debate With A Simple Twitter Post

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In new Twitter and Instagram crossposts, Gal Gadot was looking more adorable than ever, as she lazily rubs her eyes, while laying in bed, but, as Comic Book reveals, that wasn’t the only thing the image presented to fans. It seems Ms. Gadot has given her answer in the age-old debate of which hero is better, Batman or Superman. The image shows Gal sporting a Batman T-shirt.

The picture has already gone viral with Gal already becoming an internet meme and DC fans shipping the two superheroes with “Wonder Bat” hashtags. Contrary to what Wonder Woman and Batman fans might be hoping, the image wasn’t trying to suggest a romantic story arc in future films, but Ms. Gadot may have been sharing something even better. The picture shows that Gal is a genuine DC Comics fan, as well as being the Wonder Woman actress.

That’s not all too surprising, considering the very active childhood Ms. Gadot had in Israel.

“I had a very happy childhood. I was a tomboy. I had bruises on my knees. I played volleyball, basketball, tennis and dodgeball and I was a dancer all my life too.”

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