MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Bursts Into Laughter Over Mitt Romney Ohio Flub [Video]

Joe Scarborough’s reaction to a clip of the latest Mitt Romney flub on Tuesday’s Morning Joe was completely impromptu and unscripted, but you’ve got to give the MSNBC host points for honesty.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski was reporting on Romney’s intent to plan more appearances alongside VP running mate Paul Ryan in order to inspire more excitement for the GOP hopeful’s campaign. Along with the report, she played a clip of a Romney appearance in which he awkwardly tried to get the crowd to start chanting his name. Scarborough, at this point, burst into laughter.

A few things you should know about Joe: Like many MSNBC pundits, he has long been a vocal critic of Mitt Romney. Earlier this month, he tweeted some “advice” for the GOP candidate, writing: “Romney will lose if he doesn’t dramatically change his strategy,” and continuing, “Negative ads won’t substitute for conservative ideas.”

He concluded: “The Romney campaign is not conservative. It is just as cynical and risk-averse as Team Obama. A real conservative would be winning now.”

He has also offered some pretty good critiques of Romney’s campaign as it relates to conservatism as a whole: “Romney has been clear he will avoid specifics on balancing the budget and shrinking government. Not the Reagan and Thatcher way,” he wrote in another post. “The truth is that Thatcher would have lost in 1979 and Reagan would have lost in 1980 if they had run as timid a campaign ad [sic] Mitt Romney.”

After watching this particular clip, Scarborough could only cover his face and laugh. “Oh, sweet Jesus,” he remarked. Brzezinski mostly remained composed, while Ed Rendell grinned ear to ear.

Here’s the clip, showing Romney’s painful appeal to the Dayton crowd and Joe Scarborough’s humorous reaction: