Female Bodybuilders Reveal The Dark Side Of The Sport [Graphic Photo]

Two social media posts from female bodybuilders have received plenty of attention recently. One was a post from Laura Leeson, a WBFF professional bodybuilder who opened her soul in a Facebook post that has been shared more than 1,000 times on Facebook alone.

As seen in the following Instagram post from Laura, the fitness fiend reported that Leeson was completely unprepared for the response that her honest Facebook post about the path to gaining her pro card would receive.


In the viral social media posts, Laura described winning her pro card two years ago — along with the fact that she did not regret competing in bodybuilding competitions. After thanking her husband, Scott Leeson, for his support, Laura delved into the unexpected results that came in the wake of her win.

Leeson explained that her photos might reveal a look at a sport that seems healthy and glamorous on the outside looking in, but Laura views fitness competitions and some aspects of bodybuilding shows as “one of the unhealthiest sports” she has ever participated in. She called the sport one that contributed to psychological problems she endured as a result of Leeson wanting to keep the lean look of her body that she achieved onstage.

The most difficult part of the aftermath of the bodybuilding shows for Laura was wanting to hold onto her ripped physique. Laura described the arduous process of trying to keep her lean weight.

“Even though I was on cloud nine after winning it wasn’t enough to stop me on my downward spiral, unfortunately unlike my first show I didn’t have a blow out and binge. I had a one meal and then continued to carry on with my low calories, low carb and endless amounts of training to try and maintain my condition for as long as possible even though I knew it was not healthy or maintainable. I didn’t increase my calories gradually. I didn’t add carbs back in, I didn’t reduce my cardio or other training and therefore for was tired, hungry, miserable and hated myself.

“I would weigh myself every day and if the scale had gone up I would do more cardio or eat less, when it came to eating something bad, which I did once a week, the guilt I would feel the next day was unbelievable and I would already start to plan how I would work it off.”

weight [Image via Shutterstock]Laura went on to write that she began to fear outings that would take her away from her exercise routine and her habit of eating “clean” foods. She began to despise weight-training because of the pressure Laura put upon herself to not gain weight. Eventually, Leeson was able to find her love of training again via boxing and other fitness routines.

Despite finding a better attitude toward exercise, Laura admits she still has major body dysmorphia issues and a bad relationship with food. Leeson’s post exposed a side of the fitness industry that isn’t often talked about.

wbff [Image via Shutterstock]Another woman who exposed a shocking side of her fitness experience is IFBB PRO Shanique K. Grant.

On her NSFW Instagram page, titled “_fitnessbeauty,” Grant posted a graphic photo that revealed the injury Shanique said she suffered on Monday evening when she was “set up and was jumped by three girls.”

Warning: The below photo is graphic and might be upsetting to some viewers.

Grant wrote that she was stabbed deeply into her forearm, causing Shanique to lose nearly one liter of blood. She continued to say that the melee dashed her dreams to compete in the 2016 Olympia, which is the largest bodybuilding show, held in Las Vegas.

Whether Grant’s injuries were related to her high profile as a female bodybuilder remains to be seen until further details of her incident are exposed.

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