Oklahoma Junior High Student Shoots Himself Before Morning Classes Begin

1:50 UPDATE – Police officers now confirm the identity of the Stillwater Junior High suicide victim as Cade Poulos, 13.

Stillwater, OK – A junior high school student appeared to commit suicide before classes began on Wednesday. A school resources officer heard a gunshot a little before 8 am and ran into the hallway to find the young man dead on the floor. Both the Oklahoma junior high and adjacent elementary school were immediately locked down while police officers investigated the incident. The sound of gunfire in the school building was a startling experience for both the children and the staff.

Classes have been canceled for the day. The name of the suicide victim has not been released; local law enforcement officers were still in the process of notifying the next of kin as news reports about the incident surfaced.

Police Captain Randy Dickerson noted during a recent press conference that it does not appear that anyone else was threatened or in danger, according to the New York Daily News. The police officer also noted that the hallway was likely full of students preparing for class at the time the shooting suicide took place.

Stillwater Junior High parent Kenny Monday had this to say about the tragic suicide:

“It’s so sad that kid lost his life, but we’re just glad he didn’t shoot anyone else.”

A message was immediately sent to parents informing them that a single shooting incident had taken place at the Oklahoma school. Students were removed from the building to a safe place nearby while they awaited the arrival of their parents.

Student Ashlyn Lundholm had this to say to the Stillwater NewsPress about the suicide:

“Everyone thought it was a joke at first. Then I heard people screaming. Then we went to lockdown for 35 to 40 minutes.”

Stillwater is located approximately 70 miles west of Tulsa. Superintendent Ann Caine referred to the self-inflicted gunshot wound as a tragic incident.