‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Spoilers From August 21 Episode, ‘BB18’ House Has New HOH, Nominees For Eviction

This August 21 Big Brother 18 recap comes from the Sunday night episode. The BB18 house crowned a new HOH, but it wasn’t the only important component of the show. Producers also revealed who won the fourth Care Package of summer 2016, how that Care Package power was put into play, and who became the Week 9 nominations for eviction. This episode of the show was aired by CBS on Sunday, August 21, at 8 p.m. PT/ET.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, quite a few Big Brother 18 spoilers were revealed last Thursday night (August 18). Paulie Calafiore was evicted from the BB18 house, with the vote being 5-0 to save Corey Brooks from eviction. Paulie became the fourth member of the BB18 jury, joining Da’Vonne Rogers, Zakiyah Everette, and Bridgette Dunning. What the current houseguests don’t know yet, is that a BB18 jury competition is coming up, where the first five jury members can compete for re-entry into the house.

The opening of this August 21 Big Brother 18 recap gave a lot of “previously on Big Brother” footage, dating back to when Victor Arroyo targeted Paulie Calafiore for eviction. The episode then continues the HOH competition from last Thursday night, interspersed with a lot of new footage from the producers. It included Nicole Franzel beginning to work with James Huling and Natalie Negrotti, using information Paulie had passed on right before his eviction. Paulie told them all about the plans Paul Abrahamian has had this season. It immediately turned James against Paul.

Returning to the HOH competition in the backyard, the six competitors were all locked in a dark, black box. The long competition took more than five hours late Thursday, with the CBS live feeds getting turned off in the process. The object was to find discs in a maze of goop and obstacles. The houseguests were released in 30-second increments to find discs, but some of the discs were also decoys that wouldn’t fit on the poles each one possessed. The disorienting component of the HOH competition was that it was entirely done in the dark.

Periodically, the houseguests were eliminated from the HOH competition, if they didn’t make it back to push a button when time had elapsed each round. The houseguests also had to keep that button depressed in between rounds of they would be eliminated. Michelle Meyer got sent out the door first for that very violation. She acted upset about getting eliminated, but Michelle may have saved herself quite a lot of stress from being in the box. Anyone who read some of the previous Big Brother 18 spoilers saw how much goop the houseguests were covered with after the HOH competition.

James Huling was also eliminated from the competition for slipping and failing to hit his button in time. Four people made it to the official “tally”to see who had won the Head of Household for Week 9. Paul Abrahamian had five discs, Nicole Franzel had five discs, Corey Brooks had 10, and Natalie Negrotti also collected 10 discs. The winner was declared as the houseguest who brought back their 10th disc first, making Natalie the HOH for the week.

This is the point of the weekly Big Brother 18 recap where everyone who didn’t win the HOH competition begins trying to show the new HOH why they shouldn’t be nominated. Nicole Franzel is shown chatting with Corey Brooks about how she hopes she got through to James Huling about the intentions of Paul Abrahamian. Meanwhile, Paul is talking up Natalie, commenting her on winning the challenge. A bit later, Nicole is shown approaching Natalie, leading into a long discussion about linking the showmances to take on the rest of the BB18 house.

The latest BB18 Care Package was dropped to the houseguests a bit later in the episode. This time, it was Michelle Meyer whom America chose to receive the Care Package. In addition to a lot of tissues, Michelle received the power to be the co-HOH for the week. This meant that Michelle would receive all of the perks and safety of being HOH, but that she would also get to select one of the nominees for eviction. Natalie Negrotti and Michelle Meyer were given complete control of the BB18 house for the next week. They began discussing nominees very shortly after the revelation.

After a lot of discussion where both ladies stated that they wanted to go after Paul, the episode went to the Week 9 nomination ceremony. Natalie Negrotti nominated Victor Arroyo and Michelle Meyer nominated Paul Abrahamian for eviction. Both guys would then get a chance to play in the Veto competition and secure safety, but CBS viewers won’t see how that turned out until the Wednesday, August 24 episode. That brings a close to this August 21 Big Brother 18 recap, but many more spoilers are likely coming out before the next eviction ceremony on August 25.

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