Top 10 Netflix Series Ranked — Did ‘Stranger Things,’ 'Narcos,’ Or ’The Get Down’ Make The List?

With dozens of original and popular shows, ranking the top 10 Netflix series is no easy task. Top 10 lists are often controversial, but the best lists leave aside personal opinions and focus on the data. This list takes into account the popularity among critics and audiences alike. A show has to have an 80 percent minimal rating among both critics and audiences on Rotten Tomatoes in order to rank on this top 10 Netflix series-list. The order of the list is based on numerous factors including pop cultural impact and originality. This list includes only Netflix original series and does not include continuations like Arrested Development, or documentary series like Making a Murderer.

Top 10 Netflix Series


From the mind of comedy-genius Judd Apatow (Trainwreck, The-40-Year-Old Virgin), Love is a romantic-comedy that stars Paul Rust and Gillian Jacobs (Community). This Netflix series debuted in February and it is a down-to-earth view of a modern relationship and the ups and downs that occurs within it.

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

This quirky comedy was made 15 years after the movie and is a prequel based in 1981. The original all-star cast (Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, Molly Shannon, Michael Ian Black, Amy Poehler) returns for more summer antics and sexual escapades of counselors and campers in Maine. The cult classic movie scored 32 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, but the Netflix series scored a stunning 92 percent.

Lady Dynamite

This Netflix series is loosely based on the chaotic life of stand-up comedian Maria Bamford (who portrays herself). This comedy tells the story of a comedian who moves back to Los Angeles after taking a hiatus to deal with her bi-polar disorder.

Lady Dynamite Top 10 Netflix Series
[Image via Netflix]House of Cards

House of Cards is what started it all for Netflix originals; this series was the first original show from Netflix, debuting in February, 2103, and remains one of the most popular. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright star in this drama about a political power-couple navigating their success in D.C. politics and they aren't afraid to do anything to rise to the top.


Daredevil is ranked No. 6 in this top 10 list and is the first of the Marvel shows available exclusively on Netflix; the show's success is paving the way for many more Marvel/Netflix series to come. The Daredevil show has made up for the atrocious 2003 movie with an audience approval rating of 95 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and a score of 86 percent from the critics; the site's critics consensus sums up the success of this show perfectly.

"With tight adherence to its source material's history, high production quality, and a no-nonsense dramatic flair, Daredevil excels as an effective superhero origin story, a gritty procedural, and an exciting action adventure."
Daredevil top 10 Netflix series
The Punisher and Elektra are characters in Netflix's 'Daredevil' [Image via Netflix]Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is the second Marvel show on Netflix and is even more popular than Daredevil. Jessica Jones' character is that of a person who once attempted to be a superhero and turned in her proverbial cape to become a private investigator. Jones is a complicated person who struggles with self-identity and uses alcohol to stifle emotions and traumatic events from her past. The Netflix series also features one the most fascinating Marvel villains, Kilgrave. Kilgrave is the cause of Jones' pain and she must face him, and her inner-fears, in order to save herself and her loved ones from this diabolical madman.

Jessica Jones top 10 Netflix Series
[Image via Netflix]Stranger Things

When Stranger Things hit Netflix in July, social media exploded with viewers raving about the show and the critics agreed. This 1980s based adventure-drama is about a boy who mysteriously goes missing and centers on the supernatural and government conspiracies. Stranger things is filled with nostalgia of the '80s paying homage to movies like E.T., Stand by Me, Firestarter, The Goonies, and many, many more. Even the storytelling master Stephen King took to Twitter praising the show.

Stranger Things ranks at No. 4 on the top 10 Netflix series-list with a score on Rotten Tomatoes of 94 percent from critics and 96 percent from audiences. Gaining the No. 4 position might seem controversial to some, as it is one of the most-praised Netflix series, but the reason for its popularity is the same reason why it didn't take the No. 1 position; the show's nostalgia is refreshing and entertaining, but lacks originality. Essentially, the creators of the series took the best storylines and moments from top movies of the '80s and fit them into one show. This show is done very well and is of high-quality and entertaining to watch, but it doesn't offer anything to Netflix viewers that they haven't seen before.
Orange is the New Black

When Orange is the New Black debuted on Netflix it seemed every other post on social media was about this show. This brilliant comedy-drama is loosely based on the true story of Piper Kerman, who was convicted for felony money-laundering. She wrote her memoir, Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison, explaining what she experienced while she was locked up. The show has received four Emmy awards, and was nominated for 16, and remains a favorite among Netflix subscribers.

Orange is the New Black Top 10 Netflix Series
[Image via Netflix]Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This quirky and brilliant comedy series was created by Tina Fey and stars Ellie Kemper (The Office), and it was originally going to air on NBC before being sold to Netflix. The show ranks in the No. 2 spot and it is about a woman who spent 15 years in a cult and locked in a bunker; upon being rescued she starts a new life in New York City. The Netflix series offers plenty of laugh-out-loud moments and an ensemble cast including Tina Fey, Tittuss Burgess, Jane Krakowski, and Carol Kane.

Master of None

Ranked at No. 1, Master of None was created by, and stars, Aziz Ansari and it is the only series on this Netflix list that has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 100 percent. Ansari plays Dev, a 30-year-old actor in New York City who spends time hanging out with his friends, figuring out relationships, and finding new ways to advance his career.

Master of None Netflix
[Image via Netflix]


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Although they are popular among Netflix subscribers, Narcos and The Get Down did not rank on this list; Narcos has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 78 percent and The Get Down received a score of 74 percent. The two shows are of high-quality and worth viewing, but didn't have the popularity or critic appraisal to make the cut. This top 10 Netflix series-list gives viewers plenty of shows to binge on and many of the series are returning to Netflix soon for another season.

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