Kieran Allen’s MEC Global Resignation Email Goes Viral

An angry media agency employee’s resignation speech emailed to all his co-workers has gone viral. The London man bashed his boss and informed the staff that the company manager supposedly had sex with a female worker in the office. Once the resignation email was posted on Twitter, it became an internet sensation. Supervisors and managers around the globe are likely more than a bit uneasy today, if a termination or discussion with a disgruntled employee is on their agenda.

The letter was allegedly sent by MEC Global employee Kieran Allen, according to a copy of the email correspondence posted on the Daily Mail. Allen may have been unhappy at work, but perhaps a smile spread across his face when the email became so popular it spawned two Twitter hashtags.

Allen was a senior account manager at the company for two and a half years, and unloaded on his boss for ruining the past 8 months spent working in the office. Although the MEC Global staffer feels he gave the company loyal service, the office manager blocked his bonus and gave him a poor performance review, Business Insider reports.

The author of the viral email also maintains that he was persuaded to remain with the company after a promise of rapid development and a substantial pay increase. Instead of being welcomed with open arms, he claims the boss treated him rudely and like an outsider.

The disgruntled employee claims that his boss referred to the Paralympics as the ‘Spastic Olympics, noted his pride at not having a drop of Jewish blood in his body, and regularly made sexist remarks in the workplace. In closing, Allen stated that he wrote the email resignation to expose the manager’s failings and to help protect others in the future. MEC Global expressed its sadness that an employee chose to share his personal views in such a public manner, but also noted the company it taking the allegations seriously.

kieran allen resignation email