‘Stranger Things’ Season 2: Release Date Unknown, The Fate Of Eleven And Barb

Stranger Things joins a list of hit originals shows for Netflix and despite its success, Season 2 has not officially been renewed, and there is no official release date.

Many fans of the show are itching to know what happens to beloved characters Barb and Eleven. If you have not watched the first season, there will be spoilers below.

In all likelihood, Stranger Things will return for Season 2. Therefore cast and crew are already talking about what is next for the 80s-set series.


We saw that Barb died in the Upside Down, which left many fans upset.

In an interview with Variety, the creators reveal that Stranger Things is inspired by Game of Thrones. The show creators wanted to give the audience “substantial characters” who die, which gives the audience the feeling that no one is safe, and any character could die.

Matt Duffer explained to Variety how he wants the audience to feel all characters are unsafe going into Season 2.

“It’s something we want to preserve as we go into season two, where you feel everyone including the kids is unsafe and anything can happen. We pushed it this season with Barb, but I want to continue to amp up that threat. It makes it scarier, but it’s also sad. Shannon Purser who played Barb, we fell in love with her. She had never acted before, this was her first role in anything, she blew us and everyone away. It was sad to lose her, but some people have to go.”


In the first eight episodes, Eleven’s powers seem to get stronger the more she uses it. Her telekinesis seems to weaken her and cause nosebleeds.

The show creators reveal that they wanted to tease Eleven’s abilities and give some backstory to her origin as the episodes went on.

In the finale episode, we last saw Eleven destroying the monster and disappearing as a result. Sheriff Hopper leaving Eggos in the woods suggest that the beloved character played by Millie Bobby Brown is still alive and likely to return in Season 2.


Unfortunately, Matt Duffer refuses to divulge any details about the fate of Eleven, telling Variety that leaving Eggos in the woods may just be Hopper’s guilty conscience, or it could mean he knows something about her whereabouts.

“Obviously, something happened to her when she destroyed and killed that monster, and we don’t know what she went. Hopper is left with this guilt because he sold her out. We wanted to leave it sort of mysterious exactly what he knows … Have there been sightings in the woods or is he hoping she’s out there or has he already made contact with her? We don’t answer any of that, but we like the idea of potentially putting her and Hopper together.”

The finale episode of Stranger Things also shows Hopper getting into a car, and the results of that meeting are not revealed to the audience.


Some fans of the show are hoping that Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers get together. The show creators revealed that keeping Nancy’s boyfriend, Steve, was not part of the plan.

The actor Joe Keery convinced the showrunners to give his character an arc. As the show went on, it was revealed that Steve is not a complete douchebag like his friends. It seems like his feelings for Nancy are genuine as the series went on.

Many fans will rather see Nancy with Jonathan and it seems like their friendship will extend to Season 2.


The showrunners are going to be looking to keep the stakes high and deliver a better sequel to the first season.

We will have to wait for Netflix to greenlight the series and hope for a long Season 2 of Stranger Things.

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