Trouble in Kimye Land! Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Fight Over Kim’s Busy, Busy Schedule

All is not well in Kimye land. Kim Kardashian is determined to be a successful business and career woman like her mom Kris Jenner, but Kanye West wants Kardashian to be more about him and the kids.

Oh, oh, that’s not going to go over well with Kim, who already sees herself as a great mom to North and Saint, and a super good wife to her rapper hubby. According to Hollywood Life, there are arguments brewing over Kardashian’s “frantic work schedule” that Kanye thinks is getting in the way of her wife and mom job. A Snapchat follower wrote that Kim and Kanye are great parents and even forget they are celebrities when they are together with their kids.


Kim’s a “busy woman” and doesn’t just hang out sitting on her “famous butt” in her luxurious home posting Snapchat pics, but Kanye thinks that she should spend more time with him and the little ones. The two are starting to get into it with some heavy arguments over how Kardashian spends her time. A Kim and Kanye insider said that most of the time they get along fine, but this fight is really starting to put some holes in their marriage.

“The one thing they do fight about is Kim’s frantic work schedule.”

Kanye’s become more upset over the business-first attitude since the July issue of Forbes came out, featuring Kardashian on the cover along with an article praising the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star for being a “mobile mogul.” Kim makes a bunch of money, including $45 million from just one game venture, and she deserves the kudos, but all that business success keeps her a “little busy.”


Kanye might be feeling a bit more concerned than usual as he watches his wife’s Snapchat fill up with her bathing suit posts about her Mexican beach holiday. Sure, some of the pics are of the kids, but the ones getting all the attention are the “videos of herself twerking on the trip.”

Fox News wrote about Kardashian’s twerking lessons that led to the clip of herself trying out her new dance skill. Kim said she posted the sexy twerk clip “in honor of her pal Hrush Achemyan,” who taught her how to twerk on her vacay.


Then, Kim caught up with a couple of pals in Mexico and they gave fans a big treat when the three of them posed for Snapchat wet t-shirt pics, with Kim showing off all her assets.


The Daily Mail wrote that Kardashian got down to it in Mexico and “flaunted her assets in a wet white shirt and skimpy thong briefs” bathing suit that gave everyone a great close up of her big bosom.


Not everyone likes what they see under Kim’s bathing suit. One tweeter wrote that Kim should put it away or people will start to think that’s all she can do. As if!

As if that’s not enough trouble for Kimye’s happy marriage, there’s another problem with the Mexican jaunt. Kim’s wearing a see-through bathing suit, but she isn’t wearing her wedding band, and Kanye is nowhere to be seen.

“Rumors of marriage troubles have been swirling around this vacay.”

Kanye might be mad about Kim’s nude selfie style work ethic, but he’s also reported to be happy about the time Kim spent with North and Saint, playing on the beach in Mexico. So are fans, and Twitter use Freddy couldn’t resist a Snapchat photo of the Kardashian-Wests children, calling it “just precious.”


The insider said that Kardashian got her work drive from KUWTK momager Kris and “is always looking for her next move,” with her “nonstop” schedule running the show.

“Kanye respects Kim’s work ethic but he also wants her to give him and their kids some quality time. Seeing her play on the beach with North and Saint made him so, so happy.”

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