Cate Blanchett Reveals Anti-Aging Secret Taught To Her By Judi Dench, Set To Co-Star In All-Female ‘Ocean’s 11’ Spin-Off

Cate Blanchett, the Australian actress, is a versatile celebrity who is known to play diverse characters. Throughout the course of her career, Cate Blanchett has consistently been changing her looks to not only suit her on-screen character but also to experiment with different types of hairstyles, hair colors, and makeup in real life.

The talented actress received critical acclaim for successfully playing the roles of Queen Elizabeth I and Galadriel in Elizabeth and Lord of the Rings respectively. Now, Cate Blanchett has taken her experimentation to a new level by featuring in a bizarre music video for “The Spoils,” a song by Massive Attack that also features Hope Sandoval. According to Rolling Stone magazine, Cate’s face changes, twists, and transforms as it rotates against a black background throughout the music video.

The video, directed by John Hillcoat, shows the actress’s face undergoing changes in a strange and surreal way. Initially, in the video, Cate undergoes simple changes in her hairstyle and makeup, but gradually her skin peels off to reveal that her entire face is made up of plaster. Eventually, the face gets transformed into a stone statue.

Massive Attack’s “The Spoils” focusses on the longing that one feels after suffering a loss, and the gradual transformation of Cate Blanchett’s face takes the character back in time by devolving slowly. Cate Blanchett was the perfect actress to be featured in the song as she is known to be both adventurous and artistic, and she is also a self-confessed fan of Massive Attack’s music.

Watch the video here.

Massive Attack’s music video may show Cate Blanchett’s beautiful face being transformed into stone but, in reality, the Elizabeth actress is taking the utmost care to age gracefully. In fact, Cate Blanchett has a piece of advice for all the middle-aged women who go to great effort to make their skin look younger by using gloves while washing dishes and by using creams with shea butter and other base oils that nourish the skin.

Cate has revealed a secret anti-ageing tip that will help elderly women to take care of the prominent gnarled veins that often cover their hands. According to the Daily Mail, the Blue Jasmine actress suggests that, just before a photo shoot or an event, a woman with a veiny hand should stretch her arms in the air so that the blood drains down, thereby temporarily fixing the problem of bulgy veins.

In Cate Blanchett’s opinion, this exercise will enable women to make their hands look younger for an event or photo shoot. The Notes on a Scandal actress revealed that the unusual anti-ageing tip was given to her by Dame Judi Dench, the 81-year-old veteran actress who is perhaps best known for playing the role of M in several of the James Bond movies.

It comes as no surprise that the 47-year-old Cate Blanchett is taking extra care to look and feel young as she will soon be joining the all-female ensemble in a spin-off movie of Ocean’s Eleven, the 2001 American heist film. The 2001 movie revolved around a con-man who recruits and partners with ten other criminals to loot three wealthy casinos. Forbes reports that the role of the ringleader in the upcoming spin-off will be played by Sandra Bullock, and her right-hand woman will be played by Cate Blanchett.

Apart from working with Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett will also be teaming with actresses like Helena Bonham Carter, Mindy Kaling, Nora Lum, Awkwafina, Anne Hathaway, and Rihanna for the spin-off movie that has been unofficially titled Ocean’s Ocho. Warner Brother’s will be producing the all-female spinoff movie that will be written and directed by Gary Ross.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. will be allocating a smaller budget for the film even though celebrities like Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock are featuring in it, as filmmakers consider it risky to produce an all-female sequel of a well-established popular franchise.

[Photo by AP Photo/Hermann J. Knippertz]