Song Joong Ki Lauded For Generosity Towards Staff And Colleagues

Following the stellar success of the 16-episode Descendants of the Sun, South Korean actor Song Joong Ki was further catapulted into the spotlight. Nonetheless, despite his current status, people close to the 30-year-old star continue to laud him for his generosity and humility.

Videos of Song Joong Ki expressing gratitude to fans by simply stopping and waving are no longer new. It appears that the Descendants of the Sun lead star remains unaware of how he affects his fans in Asia. Several people who have worked for him could also attest to his attitude when he’s not in front of the camera.

Last month, Soompi reported that Song Joong Ki showed appreciation to his staff members by throwing a wrap-up party and giving them tablets that amounted to $1,140 each. The actor reportedly considered it a simple gesture to thank his concert organizers, stage directors, and security officers who all made his recent Asian tour a breeze. Members of the security team were also gifted ginseng products.

Songstress Park Ji Yeon or Gummy, who contributed a track for Descendants of the Sun, likewise praised the actor for his thoughtfulness. As reported by International Business Times, when the performer appeared on the Cultwo Show, she recalled how Song Joong Ki made an effort to thank her.

“I’ve been singing a lot of drama OSTs lately. I sang one for Descendants of the Sun. I went to the drama concert, and Song Joong Ki came and gave me a handbag,” she said.

When colleague Kim Min Suk moved into a new house, Song Joong Ki gave him a silver refrigerator. The actor, who gave life to the comical character of Lance Corporal Kim Gi-beom, shared the news on Instagram. Song Hye Kyo’s gift, a washing machine, complemented Song Joong Ki’s.

Apart from tangible gifts, Song Joong Ki similarly makes it a point to let his colleagues know that he’s there for them during trying times. While filming Descendants of the Sun, SHINee member Lee Jin Ki or Onew was disheartened that many of his scenes did not make it to the final cut. The performer told Drama Fever how the actor comforted him.

“I was waiting for the first broadcast, but all the scenes in which I came out were edited out. At the time, Song Joong Ki told me, ‘That’s happened to me before. Be strong. We filmed everything, so let’s enjoy the drama from a viewer’s perspective.’ At that moment, I felt again that he was a good senior.”

Fans are eager to know if Song Joong Ki also showered his leading lady with gifts. The details, however, remain unknown. As for Song Hye Kyo, she recently sent Song Joong Ki a coffee truck on the set of his new film, Battleship Island.

Song Joong Ki Song Hye Kyo

Earlier this year, the actor was photographed at a Hermes boutique in Dosan Park, Seoul leading to speculations that he was searching for a gift for the Endless Love actress. Some said that he might be merely shopping for himself or for his mother.

The 34-year-old actress previously gushed about her co-star. During several press conferences for the series, she thanked him for looking after her while filming.

“I had a sense of Song Joong Ki’s popularity through the internet and news articles, but actually coming here and seeing this for myself makes me feel happier and more nervous than him. I was looking forward to meeting him since so many people told me good things about him, and it turned out that he was an even better person than I’d thought. He’s very sincere and thoughtful when filming. I think he’s really cool.”

The actor’s agency, Blossom Entertainment, confirmed through AllKPop that a portion of the profits generated by Song Joong Ki’s recent Asian tour was allocated to a foundation. The said foundation continuously helps victims of the 2008 earthquake that affected Wenchuan, China and left thousands dead.

When an earthquake struck Nepal last year, Song Joong Ki did his best to help even if he was still serving in the army. His agency said that the actor donated approximately $100,000 to UNICEF to aid those who lost their homes.

Song Joong Ki is the newest face of his country’s tourism industry. South Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism is hoping that their honorary ambassador’s television and print ads will spark the desire of viewers abroad to experience the country’s culture.

[Photo by Kin Cheung/AP Images]