‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Amanda Stanton Engaged? Ex Speaks Out

Bachelor In Paradise spoilers have been rolling in week after week thanks to Reality Steve, but he is not the only one who has spoiled the outcome of the show. Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray have done a fine job proving that they make it through Paradise and that their relationship is lasting far beyond the gorgeous setting in Mexico where they met.

Amanda Stanton is reportedly engaged to Josh Murray after he proposed on the show’s finale. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Amanda and Josh are one of three couples who left Mexico with wedding plans to make.

Bachelor In Paradise spoilers — when it comes to Amanda and Josh — were helped out greatly by the couple, who has been living in California together since they finished filming. According to Reality Steve, Josh has been on the West Coast with Amanda and has been spending quality time with her two daughters, Kinsley and Charlie.

Now, just a few weeks after Bachelor In Paradise stopped taping, there is someone from Amanda Stanton’s past who is speaking out about Amanda’s decision to try to find love on television. According to Life & Style Magazine, Amanda Stanton’s ex-husband, Nick Buonfiglio, Amanda just wants to be famous and she is supposedly less invested in her kids.

“Before Bachelor in Paradise, they had never been to daycare. Then, as soon as she comes back… they’re in daycare full-time,” Buonfiglio told the mag. While many fans of the show absolutely adore Amanda (she’s so sweet!), some wonder how she could leave her two young children at home to go on a television dating show… twice. Don’t forget, Stanton first made her way into the Bachelor family on Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor. She was sent home after Hometown Dates.

However, Amanda has been posting photos of her girls left and right and seems very attentive to them now that she’s back from Paradise. Perhaps she wanted her girls to go to daycare for socialization purposes — it’s something that many parents choose to do. Who knows?

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Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers: Are Amanda Stanton And Josh Murray Engaged?

Is Amanda Stanton In Danger With Josh Murray?

As mentioned above, Bachelor In Paradise spoilers have only been confirmed by Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray, who have not been remotely concerned about hiding their romance. The two were spotted together at Target a couple of weeks ago and a photo of them in the checkout line made its rounds on social media shortly after.

Aside from their Target trip, Amanda and Josh have been seen at a fair and there have also been quite a few photos of the two together at Amanda’s house. Check out these pictures below: It is not like Josh is trying to hide the fact that he’s hanging out at Amanda’s place (psst! The pillows give it away).

Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray hit it off right away in Paradise. The two clearly have insane chemistry (in case you couldn’t tell by the constant face-sucking) and they both seem dedicated to making their relationship post-reality-television-show work.

It is believed that Amanda Stanton will be moving to Atlanta with Josh (that’s where he is from) in the coming weeks. However, the two seem super cozy in California for the time being and could end up staying there for the next couple of months at least.

Do you think that Amanda and Josh are going to work out? Do you think that their relationship is legit or do you think the two were just infatuated with each other and their sparks will eventually simmer down?

[Photo by Rick Rowell/ABC]