Justin Bieber A Bit Of A Problem For Mark Zuckerberg, Will Selena Gomez Leave Instagram Too?

Justin Bieber has had enough with followers and fans continually judging him and the people he chooses to spend his time with. After a threat made last week about making his Instagram account private when followers got nasty, commenting on his new friend Sofia Richie. His words in an Instagram post initially seemed not to be taken seriously by his 78 million followers.

"I'm gonna make my Instagram private if you guys don't stop the hate. This is getting out of hand, if you guys are really fans you wouldn't be so mean to people that I like."
Yet the bashing of Ritchie continued. The Biebs stuck to his word and even took it one step further by fully deactivating his account. Many blame Bieber's ex-girlfriend, singer, and actress Selena Gomez, who wrote under Justin's post to not disrespect fans and to stop posting pictures of his girlfriend if he didn't want a reaction.Directly after Bieber's departure, the #JustinDeactivatedParty quickly took over the Twitterverse for hours and the act by the star made worldwide news. The "party" involved individuals weighing in on the star's actions, some sharing sadness, some spewing criticism of the Biebs. A mix of fans were in anguish, and then there were those who simply wanted to comment, stating they have no concern.Although you wouldn't think that a star would have any impact on a massive social media platform such as Instagram or Facebook, it's being reported that Bieber's inactivity on both Instagram and Facebook are, in fact, severely impacting Zuckerberg's social media giants. That's right, Mark Zuckerberg is hurting from Bieber's absence, along with his millions of fans around the globe.

Beliebers still have access to the singer's Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat accounts for a bit of a peek at what the popular star is up to, yet the Facebook co-founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, should perhaps be worried about the star's exit from Instagram seeing as Facebook bought the successful photo-sharing social media network in 2012. The platform is already suffering from losing younger social media users who are turning to Snapchat over Instagram.

Market Watch shares the details on the subject.

"Mark Zuckerberg, ought to worry about this star departure. Facebook bought the photo-sharing network in 2012, but Instagram has been battling to stay relevant as disappearing-chat app Snapchat continues to win over younger fans."
Before results came forth about Facebook's numbers last month, Brian Pitz, an analyst for Jefferies, warned about the growing popularity of Snapchat over Instagram and shared that advertisers may invest as much as $150 million to Snapchat instead of giving the amount to Instagram. The photo-sharing platform has in recent months been labeled as "boring" by the younger crowd. In trying to compete with Snapchat's self-destructive video concept, Instagram launched "Instagram stories" earlier this month which was met with much criticism. The launch only resulted in more users throwing around the word "boring" as a descriptor.Justin Bieber is the seventh most popular followed celeb on Instagram, as the statistics site Social Blade confirms. Bieber's ex Selena has nearly 100 million followers. As Market Watch reminds, after trolls inspired Bieber to shut down his Instagram account, they went after Gomez for her comments that may have been the final post to push Biebs to fully removing himself from the platform.

Due to the hate and backlash Gomez is now experiencing since her opinionated post of the "Company" singer's account, there is now a worry that Selena may, too, exit the platform. That in itself would be an even bigger hit to Zuckerberg's platform than Justin departing seeing as Gomez has nearly 15 million more followers than Justin.

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