Justin Bieber Parties with Braless Rihanna And New Blonde Gal Pal: Where’s Sofia Richie?

Justin Bieber has had a month rocked by war, from battling with former girlfriend Selena Gomez over his threat to exit Instagram to getting hit by a backlash over his romance with new gal pal Sofia Richie. But no one keeps the Biebs in a corner for long, and now Justin is bouncing back, seen partying with a new gal pal and Rihanna, reported the Daily Mail.

Although Justin exited Instagram after a battle with his Beliebers and Selena over Sofia, Richie was far away in Los Angeles when he channeled his inner party boy. In her place by his side in London was blonde beauty Bronte Blampied.

Rihanna joined Justin inside the club, where he was looking happy and upbeat in his casual club attire of ripped jeans, grey boots, striped shirt and white T-shirt. Bronte matched the Biebs’ style in her own ripped jeans, grey T-shirt and wedge shoes.

Does Rihanna have some tips for Justin Bieber on surviving a backlash?

The Biebs and Bronte stayed at the Tape nightclub partying until 4 am, leaving together in a cab. But is it the start of yet another new romance, or just a platonic friendship? Blampied and Sofia are friends.

However, Justin and Bronte seemed to feel they had something to hide, making attempts to shield their faces from the paparazzi prior to accelerating off in the taxi. And while all that was going on, where was his new girlfriend?

Richie answered the question on Instagram, showing off her new hairstyle from the Andy Lecompte Salon in West Hollywood.

Yup we chopped it @andylecompte

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“Yup we chopped it!” wrote Richie.

While Sofia focused on her hair, her boyfriend appeared intent on making the most of his partying time. And he wasn’t the only one at the nightclub turning heads, however. Rihanna was seen in a racy denim frock, going bra-free despite the risk of a nip slip, the Mirror pointed.

Rihanna succeeded in out-lasting Bieber and his new blonde gal pal, not returning to her own hotel until 5 a.m. She also sought to avoid the paparazzi, going inside through a tunnel.

As for the motivation for Rihanna and Justin to party together? Both are headlining the V Festival, with Bieber’s appearance coming just after his canoodling with Sofia. However, Richie did not accompany him for his musical weekend.

Rihanna demonstrates her skill in avoiding a nip slip.

Sofia, who is the teenage daughter of music legend Lionel Richie, became the center of a social media hurricane when Bieber’s fans slammed Richie on his Instagram and his former girlfriend Gomez joined in the backlash. Since he deactivated his account, however, he has continued his romantic relationship with Sofia.

But how long will Richie and the Biebs stay together? Even though Sofia and Justin have been immersed in heating up their hookup during the past few weeks, a Bieber insider told People that it is almost “impossible” for their romance to last much longer.

“Sofia and Justin are basically on a love-fest right now, but it’s virtually impossible where he’s at in his life and career for anything to last with these girls.”

Even though Richie was the one chosen to soar off to Japan with the singing superstar, where they were seen cuddling and kissing, the insider still feels he has no intentions of “settling down.” Prior to their joint visit to Japan, the 17-year-old was seen with Bieber in Laguna Beach and at his house in Toluca Lake.

“These girls all go crazy for him, but he’s not settling down,” another source told People. “[Richie and Bieber have] run in the same circle for years.”

As additional evidence that the Biebs has no intention of settling down with Richie right now, Elle pointed out that the blonde beauty, Bronte, with whom he partied in London actually isn’t 100 percent new.

When Bieber vacationed in Hawaii, he was surrounded by a crew consisting of bikini beauties, and Blampied was among them. In his merry-go-round serial dating style, a gal pal who pops up more than once deserves extra scrutiny.

And Bronte has provided the opportunity on Instagram.


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Blampied has been flooded with comments since the news broke that she just might be Sofia’s replacement. But many defended Bronte, in contrast to their slams against Richie.

“Guys Leave her alone…she’s not Sofia,” wrote one defender.

“Why r there snake emojis she didnt do anything shes not like sofia,” contended another.

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