Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Hoping To Acquire $30 Million Manhattan Apartment For Free — Thanks To Airbnb

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, despite boasting a net worth of approximately $250 million, do not let a good opportunity to save some money pass. The celebrity couple, who already own several luxury homes and mansions, are now hoping to have another place in Manhattan — except they are not planning to pay for this one!

According to Page Six,Kim and Kanye are hoping to strike a deal with Airbnb, the online marketplace which allows users to find and rent vacation homes, which will see the couple spending the next few months in a lavish $30 million Manhattan apartment without having to pay a single dime for it.

The move appears to be inspired by Airbnb’s partnership with Kim’s kinfolks, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, who, through a similar deal with the company, recently got a gratis villa rental in Turks and Caicos on the occasion of Kylie’s 19th birthday. While the Jenners did not have to pay anything to spend their vacation in the fantastic Caribbean crib, the media scrutiny around their lives meant that Airbnb was able to garner some much-wanted publicity for its listing.

The sprawling 23-bedroom property was the location of umpteen bikini and lingerie photo-ops for Kylie and Kendall, helping Airbnb draw attention to the high-end vacation home without having to spend through traditional modes of advertisement. Moreover, the fact that the villas were occupied by celebrities as famous as the Jenners is only set to surge the rent of the listing.

thanks for the birthday home, @airbnb

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And now, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West appear on the verge of striking a deal which will see Airbnb pay the rent for a $30 million Manhattan penthouse on the behalf of the celebrity couple. Just like the partnership turned out with Kylie and Kendall, Airbnb hopes that Kim and Kanye staying at one of their most high-end listings in New York City will help draw more potential suitors to the property in the future.

It certainly appears to be a shrewd plan at this juncture, considering that Kim Kardashian’s social media accounts are likely to be bombarded with images of the property, if and when the couple decide to reside in it. That is huge publicity for Airbnb, something they could not have hoped to achieve even if the company was to spend thousands of dollars on advertising the property through traditional means.

An Airbnb source familiar with the negotiations told Page Six that is exactly what the company intends to achieve with the partnership.

“The plan would be for Kimye to live there for a few months for free, and Kim will post on social media about the apartment, like her sisters did from Turks and ­Caicos. Airbnb would pick up the tab for the rent.”

Kim and Kanye strike up a deal
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, despite boasting a net worth of $250 million, appear to be keen to live in a Manhattan penthouse for free. [Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Balmain]

Sources suggest that Kanye West is more than eager for the deal to go through because he intends to stay in Manhattan for the upcoming New York Fashion Week, while he is also keen to make the apartment his base when he begins traveling for the “Saint Pablo Tour,” which kicks off on August 25 in Indianapolis. A source close to West said that the celebrity couple already own an apartment on Houston street, but it is barely enough for Kimye.

“It’s only a one-bedroom, and it is smaller than Kim’s closet in LA. He’s grown out of it, plus they need more space for the family,” the source said about Kim and Kanye’s other apartment in Manhattan.

Another source confirmed that Kimye were looking to move to Manhattan, saying Kanye’s manager “Scooter Braun has people looking at places. . . Kanye wants to use New York as the hub for his tour. They have been talking to Airbnb, and hope to decide on an apartment soon.”

Although no official word has come from Airbnb since news reports emerged about the potential deal with Kimye, sources suggest that certain insiders believe that allowing Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to live at the property will surge the price so much that other potential suitors might decide against renting it.

“Not many of these sellers want to rent to Kimye, as having their names, and Airbnb, attached to such a luxury property won’t help a sale,” a source said.

Even so, don’t be surprised if you see Kim upload a twerking video shot in the Manhattan apartment on Snapchat in the near future, and Airbnb will be none the worse because of it.

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