‘Game Of Thrones’ Creators Hint That Bran Might Cause The Wall’s Destruction

Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss recently hinted that Ned’s remaining living son, Bran, could be the reason for The Wall’s destruction. As the fantasy show is nearing its end, viewers are likewise left to speculate about the future of Westeros.

While it is certain that a war will happen between the living and the undead, how will the Walkers pass through The Wall? Benioff and Weiss did not divulge much, but in an interview with Deadline, their remark was connected to the existing fan theory that The Wall would crumble once Bran passes through it.

“What’s laid out in this season is, very clearly, The Wall isn’t just a physical structure that is keeping the army of the dead out. If it were, and if the Wildlings managed to make it over, at least in theory someone like The Night King has so much more in the way of both power and troops who’ll do literally anything he says. We have been laying out the likelihood that it’s going to be more difficult to get past The Wall than that, but we wanted to put that basic prospect out there. We’ll keep it at that for now.”

It can be remembered that in Game of Thrones Season 6, the Night’s King was able to go through the Three-Eyed Raven’s layer because he marked Bran. Since Bran still carries the mark, some wonder if the Wall’s magical spell, that prevents the White Walkers from passing, will similarly break.

Game of Thrones scenes that feature the Night King never fail to bring terror to viewers. Fans have yet to find out how his army of the undead will strike the already chaotic Seven Kingdoms. Will they get to hear him speak too?

Night King [Image via HBO]Speaking to Winter Is Coming, Benioff and Weiss said that they prefer to not give the Night King dialogues.

We don’t think of The Night King as a villain as much as Death. He is not someone who’s like Joffrey or Ramsay. He’s not really human anymore. Evil comes when you have a choice between that and good, and you choose the wrong way. The Night King doesn’t have a choice; he was created in that way, and that’s what he is. In some ways, he’s just Death, coming for everyone in the story, and for all of us.”

The duo also said that allowing the leader to speak would only be “anticlimactic.”

“In some ways, it’s appropriate he doesn’t speak. What’s Death going to say? Anything would diminish him. He’s just a force of destruction. I don’t think we’ve ever been tempted to write dialogue for The Night King. Anything he said would be anticlimactic.”

Ever since Game of Thrones premiered, viewers have seen the Night King riding an equally terrifying horse, turning an innocent newborn into their kind, and of course, resurrecting a mass of slain Wildlings.

Viewers had a glimpse of how the White Walkers were created in Game of Thrones Season 6. Through his abilities, Bran was able to find out how the Children of the Forest created the first Walker to protect themselves from greedy men who kept on chopping down their sacred trees.

Children of the Forest [Image via HBO]The Children of the Forest stabbed a man with what seemed to be a dragonglass. The man’s eyes then turned blue – a sign that he was already changed. However, it remains unknown how that one White Walker multiplied.

Contrary to its typical spring release, Game of Thrones Season 7 will come out at a later date because the producers wanted to have the darkest backdrops possible for the scenes.

[Image via HBO]