Chrissy Teigen Fills Instagram With Love For John Legend, Baby Luna And ‘Lip Sync Battle’ After Twitter Blowout About Ryan Lochte

Chrissy Teigen knows how to keep things balanced with her baby and husband John Legend! After her massive blowout on Twitter about Ryan Lochte vandalizing the gas station, Lip Sync Battle judge immediately filled her Instagram about all the wonders and love she has towards the world and her life. Way to keep things positive, Chrissy!

Even though she is back at work after a great summer spent in Italy and Europe with her baby daughter and husband, she is still managing to keep them close. She even invited them over to the set of Lip Sync Battle!

My loves at #lipsyncbattle!

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She also posted really marvelous tweets about her life and universe right before that.

“Don’t you guys ever look up at the sky and think holy shit, this universe is amazing. It’s insane we exist. It is,” she wrote. “The fact that some people can’t have that same feeling makes me heart ache. Everyone deserves to exist.”

Sounds like the model is really in love with the world around her!

This comes right after another one of her Twitter blowouts, which seemed to have criticized people who were caring more about Ryan Lochte vandalizing a gas station at Rio than a child saved from bombing.

She immediately started receiving responses that attacked her, saying that she was hypocritical and that she was suffering from a lack of humor.

One of the people said, “@chrissyteigen so you think tweeting about it will fix it? Be about it, dont tweet about it. Go get actively involved.”

But now that Rio Olympics are said and done (and that Ryan Lochte has formally apologized, with the Olympics committee choosing to forgive him), she has moved onto bigger and better things. For one, she is continuing to bombard her Instagram with pictures and videos of her daughter Luna and husband John Legend. At times, she is combining showing that she can fully maximize her career potential by combining her family and work. Bringing her hubby and baby to Lip Sync Battle is one thing!

Before her Twitter rant about the issues involving violence and Ryan Lochte, the 30-year-old model was in full nesting mode as she showcased the work that needed to be done around her west coast home on Snapchat.

“Chrissy Teigen treated fans to an inside look at her new digs (which are still in the process of being unpacked) with husband John Legend on Snapchat on Wednesday, August 3,” reports Us Weekly.

“The tour of the $14.1 million Beverly Hills mansion — which formerly belonged to Rihanna, according to the L.A. Times — began with the master bedroom,” the article continued. “The model, 30, captioned the picture of the spacious room with a crying face emoji — possibly because it showed that the pair still have a lot to do. The boudoir showcased a comfy brown bed frame (with no mattress in sight) and matching bedside tables on top of a luxe oriental rug.”

She is also continuing to pursue her project with another famous baby mama – Kim Kardashian! They really have bonded over the years, sharing motherhood and the responsibility of having famous musician husbands. And, of course, also for being big social media personalities;

Our #KKWinnercircle is up on @kimkardashian's app! (We have not spray tanned our babies) (today)

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In fact, she has capitalized the fact that she is a mother to heighten her Twitter and Instagram game.

“While the topic might be controversial, Chrissy seems super comfortable with her decision of sharing breastfeeding photos on social media,” reports In Style Magazine. “ICYMI, she’s snapped quite a few pics breastfeeding on Snapchat. She now joins other celebs, like Karolina Kurkova and Gisele (remember that #multitasking pic?), who have both taken to Instagram to share breastfeeding photos.”

Do you think Chrissy Teigen will continue to have traction on all her social media accounts? Do you think she will eventually get more famous than John Legend? Let us know in the comments below!

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