Conor McGregor Wins Nate Diaz Rematch At UFC 202, Check Out The Unbelievable Fight [Video]

Conor McGregor did what he said he would when he took down Nate Diaz at UFC 202. The rematch between Conor McGregor and his rival came after months of feuding and trash talk following McGregor’s unexpected loss to Diaz in UFC 196. The first time the pair squared off, Conor McGregor talked some serious trash about his rival, then he got his junk handed to him. Conor McGregor has been promising to make reparations ever since.

On Saturday, August 20, Conor McGregor made good on his promises, managing to swing a victory by majority decision in McGregor/Diaz 2.o, reports CBS Sports. The long-awaited fight took place at T-Mobile Center in Las Vegas, and fans are stoked that Conor McGregor showed his stuff in the rematch.

Reportedly, Conor McGregor’s victory was a close call. If he’d lost the second time around, he probably never would have forgiven himself. Not to mention that his fans likely would have turned their coats and withdrawn their loyalty after two publicly humiliating losses to Diaz.


Fortunately for Conor McGregor, the loudmouthed and boisterous fighter was able to scrape together a 48-47 victory on two of the three official event scorecards. The fight was reportedly so evenly matched that the third scorecard called the Conor McGregor bout a draw.

Check it out in all its glory.

According to CBS Sports, the judges got their call right. They stated for the record that they believed that Conor McGregor had won the first, second and fourth rounds. According to Conor McGregor, Saturday’s fight was awesome, the best of his career. And he said as much to his opponent as they tapped gloves following the soon-to-be legendary match-up.

“That was the best fight I’ve ever had.”

Even though the fight between Conor McGregor and his opponent ended up being the stuff dreams are made of, at least for McGregor, the bout had been tainted by bad sportsmanship and physical violence earlier this week. Reportedly, Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor vented their pre-bout rage by throwing bottles and cans at each other at a Las Vegas press conference a few days before the Conor McGregor/Nate Diaz rematch.


At the ultimately botched press conference, Conor McGregor showed up late. Late enough to infuriate rival Nate Diaz to the point that he became enraged.

The violent incident, reports MMA Junkie, was insitaged by Diaz throwing a water bottle at McGregor. The incident then escalated when McGregor responded by throwing not just a water bottle, but also full cans of Monster Energy Drink and unopened waters back at his rival. UFC President Dana White responded by shutting down the Conor McGregor appearance well earlier than was scheduled.

“That’s a wrap, get him out of here.”


After Conor McGregor, the Irish powerhouse, handily trounced his opponent on Saturday night, he immediately started pressing for a McGregor/Diaz 3.0, right after boasting about his (expected) UFC win.

“Surprise, surprise [expletives]. The king is back.”

While it has been widely reported that Conor McGregor “looked tired” between rounds, it is almost universally agreed that McGregor got a perfect start at UFC 202. In round one, McGregor pummeled Diaz with his infamous leg kicks and even got in a few head shots.

In fact, Conor McGregor dropped Diaz to the mat with one of his powerful punches just a minute and a half into the rematch. Diaz managed to pull himself together though, and the fight went on.

“Good job today, Conor. But we going for three for real.”


Despite good first and second rounds, Conor McGregor took a beating in round three. The Irishman got his stuff handed to him so badly during his third go-round with Nate Diaz that, at least for a moment, it looked like he was going to lose for the second time in a row.


However, Conor McGregor managed to get himself together in round four, and used the final round to pummel Diaz’s face into a bloody pulp. Ultimately, while pulling of a much-needed victory against Diaz, Conor McGregor took a pounding, too. He was was bruised and limping as he made his way back to the locker room, and many observers speculated that Conor McGregor may have broken his foot as he fought viciously to a UFC 202 victory.


As for Diaz, he was slightly less than sportsmanlike following his crushing defeat, and he blamed his loss on the judges rather than admit that he lost to Conor McGregor’s superior strength and athleticism.

“They can’t have a mother [expletive] like me win. I’m too real for this sport.”

What do you think? Did Diaz/McGregor 2.0 live up to they hype? Did Conor win fair and square? Are you already making plans to watch Conor McGregor trounce Nate Diaz again if they make this rivalry into a trilogy?

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