‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers Week 5: Five Ladies Arrive, One Couple Calls It Quits Amidst ‘Paradise’ Drama

The third season of Bachelor in Paradise is almost over, but there is still plenty of drama in store for fans who can’t get enough of ABC’s overly dramatic summer reality series.

Although fans will see a number of people leave Paradise on Week 4 (August 21-22), the following week (Week 5, August 28-29) will feature two of the most pivotal episodes in the series. Four new ladies will arrive, one of this season’s most talked about couples will break up, and several other contestants will have big decisions to make one week prior to the season finale.

Here’s what fans can expect during Week 5’s back-to-back episodes and a hint of what’s to come on ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise season finale.

[Warning: Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 spoilers ahead]

It’s become the norm for each week to end in a cliffhanger, so fans can expect Week 5 to start with the Week 4 rose ceremony. According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, Haley, Emily, and Vinny will leave before the rose ceremony and Daniel Maguire, Ryan Beckett, and Carl King will be sent home without a rose.

Heading into Week 5 there will be 11 women and 7 men left in Paradise — Amanda, Josh, Lace, Grant, Jen, Nick, Carly, Evan, Caila, Jared, Ashley, Wells, Izzy, and Brett.

Chris Harrison will then welcome three new girls to Paradise, and they’re all from Ben Higgins’ season of the Bachelor. Tiara Soleim, Lauren Himle, Jami Letain, and Shushanna Mkrtychyan will arrive with date cards, but it’s so late in the season that finding a guy who isn’t coupled-up will prove to be a difficult task.

Bachelor in Paradise Week 5 Lauren, Tiara, Shushanna, Jami [Images via ABC Television Network]Spoilers reveal that three out of the four new girls will find an available guy to date and two of the dates will have Ashley Iaconetti in a tizzy. And no, she won’t be crying over Jared Haibon. She explains in her weekly Bachelor in Paradise recap in Cosmopolitan that a two-hour talk with Jared during Week 4 helps her come to grips with their relationship.

Ashley I Bachelor in Paradise Ashley Iaconetti [Image via Bachelor ABC Twitter]Instead, it’s Wells Adams that will leave Ashley feeling a little stressed out. After enjoying a date with the 31-year-old radio DJ during Week 4, Ashley’s tears will start flowing again when he goes on two dates on Week 4 — one with Shushanna and the other with Jami.

Lauren Himle will snag a date with Brett, but Tiara won’t be quite as lucky — with no one available to date, she hands over her date card to Nick who will go on a date with Jen.

nick and jen paradise Nick and Jen [Image via ABC Television Network]Who will leave during the Week 5 rose ceremony?

Seven contestants will leave Paradise during the fifth week, but three will leave before the rose ceremony gets underway.

Although Ashley is momentarily upset about Wells going on two dates, he gives her his rose, so all is right with the world. However, things won’t go quite as well for Ashley’s former love interest, Jared Haibon.


According to Reality Steve, Caila ends her brief relationship with Jared and decides to leave the show because “she doesn’t like all the drama going on.” Now it’s Jared who is experiencing heartbreak, and he deals with his disappointment by leaving Paradise right after Caila and her fabulous hair make their exit together.

In addition to Caila and Jared’s departure from Paradise, Izzy and Shushanna leave before the rose ceremony. When the rose ceremony gets underway, Lauren, Tiara, and Jami are eliminated and Brett leaves without giving out his rose.

Fans can expect the drama to continue right up until the final moments of the Bachelor in Paradise season finale that will air on September 5. According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, two couples break up before the final rose ceremony and three couples will leave Paradise engaged.

Watch Bachelor in Paradise on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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