Michigan Amber Alert: 5-Year-Old Douglas Ball Believed Abducted By Suspect In Mother’s Murder

An Amber Alert has been issued out of Michigan after 5-year-old Douglas Ball was abducted from his home. Police believe that he was taken by his biological father, Douglas Edwin Ball, Jr., 39. In a terrifying twist, the suspected abductor in the Michigan Amber Alert is also a murder suspect. As BNONews reports, the elder Douglas Ball is believed to have killed his son’s mother; police discovered that the 5-year-old was missing when they found his mother’s dead body on August 20. The Michigan Amber Alert was issued shortly thereafter.

According to law enforcement, who are releasing very few details at this early point in the Amber Alert due to their ongoing homicide investigation, the murder of the 5-year-old’s mother took place in the 1200 block of Rawlins Street in Port Huron, Michigan. Law enforcement haven’t released her name, only calling her a woman in her 30s.


The suspect in the Michigan Amber Alert has a history of violence. Reportedly, he just got off of parole and was convicted of armed robbery in the past. The Amber Alert suspect also allegedly has an active outstanding warrant for a non-violent traffic violation. Police investigating the homicide and working on the Amber Alert added that they believe that the suspect is heading out of state with his abducted biological son.


While law enforcement has released very few details, because the alleged abductor is a murder suspect, the State of Michigan issued an Amber Alert because 5-year-old Douglas Ball is believed to be endangered.

As The Times Herald reports, local Port Huron police responded to the scene that led them to issue the Amber Alert following a missing person report filed by the deceased woman’s relatives. Michigan authorities have yet to disclose how long it had been since the woman had been seen alive or how long they believe she may have been dead before her body was discovered and an Amber Alert was issued for her son.

Neighbors of the family are reportedly in a state of shock over the violence that reportedly took place in their midst. While Michigan police aren’t releasing a cause of death, they are treating the situation as a homicide. Prior to the alleged murder and Amber Alert, neighbors such as Anthony Thorton say that the neighborhood was “nice.”

“This block right is real peaceful, that’s why all these people are coming out.”


Autumn Nawrocki, another neighbor of the family involved in the Michigan homicide and Amber Alert, told the media that she’s not a close friend of the Ball family, but she knew them well enough to say “hi.”

“”(The boy) was really sweet and always said hi when he went by.”

Five-year-old Douglas Ball is described in the Michigan Amber Alert as being Caucasian, with blue eyes and blond hair. He is roughly four feet five inches tall and about 100 pounds. When the Michigan boy being sought in the Amber Alert was last spotted, he was wearing a Spider-Man shirt.


His father is believed to be driving a brown, burgundy, or maroon 2000 Chevrolet Malibu, sporting Michigan license plate DFC9403. The suspect in the Michigan Amber Alert also has a couple of highly distinctive and visible tattoos that could be used by the public for identification purposes.

“Ball has a pit bull tattoo on his left calf, the word ‘gorilla’ on his left forearm and the word ‘kennel’ on his right forearm.”

The Michigan Amber Alert suspect has dark hair and blue eyes. He is six feet four inches tall and weighs roughly 250 pounds.

While law enforcement believes that the suspect has taken his abducted son out of state, they have no idea where they might have gone and therefore the missing pair could be anywhere.

Police are warning anyone who sees the Amber Alert suspect, the missing child, or the vehicle described in the Michigan Amber Alert to call 911 immediately. Don’t attempt to confront the suspect in the Amber Alert, who is also the sole suspect and person of interest in the murder of his abductee’s mother. Those with information pertaining to the Port Huron homicide or the Michigan Amber Alert are being asked to contact the Port Huron Police at (801) 984-8415.

[Image via Port Huron Police Department]