Italian worker wins 147,807,299 Euro in Italian lottery

Italian worker Ugi Verni had his life turned upside down on Saturday. He won the jackpot in the Italian Superenalotto-lottery.

When you live in a small town with 2000 inhabitants in Toscany, it’s difficult to keep a secret, especially if you just won $211,809,797 or 147,807,299 Euro. I think Ugi Verni has to realize that too.

Ugi bought the lottery ticket Friday night in the coffee bar, Biffi Bar in Bagnone, Italy for 2 Euro (about $3). Saturday night the numbers 10-11-27-45-79-88 were drawn and shortly after the Italian media started to report that the winning ticket was bought in Biffi Bar on Roma Plaza in Bagnone.

The winner (Ugi) called the Biffi Bar to say grazie for selling him the ticket, but he didn’t mention his name, but the owner recognized the caller’s voice.


It hasn’t been confirmed yet, that Ugi Verni is the winner of the jackpot, so the media is currently laying siege on the small town to find the winner.

The jackpot has grown steadily since January, because noone has hit the 6 out of 90 numbers.

You can see more pictures of the presumed lottery winner here.