Donald Trump: White Supremacist Cites GOP Candidate After Stabbing Interracial Couple In Washington [Video]

A white supremacist in Olympia, Washington, cited Donald Trump and his presidential campaign after stabbing an interracial couple outside of a restaurant, according to police. The incident took place at about 8:30 p.m. on August 16, and was apparently “provoked” when alleged attacker Daniel Rowe, a self-proclaimed white supremacist, saw the biracial couple kissing.

As CNN reports, the 32-year-old white supremacist referenced Donald Trump as he was being arrested for the stabbing. Reportedly, the attack by the white supremacist was incredibly disturbing. Rowe apparently walked up to the pair, an African-American man and white woman, wearing a “weird smile,” and without saying a single word. Suddenly and without warning, he allegedly yelled a racial slur and began stabbing the couple.


Unfortunately for the alleged Donald Trump supporter, his attack was fairly ineffectual and resulted in only minor injuries for the pair. After the assault, the man, who was stabbed in the hip, managed to tackle the white supremacist to the ground. He held Rowe there until law enforcement arrived on scene.

Laura Wohl, spokeswoman for the Olympia Police Department, told the media that the self-proclaimed white supremacist admitted to the stabbing. He also told investigators of his white supremacist views.

“The suspect spouted white supremacist sayings and made many many references to racist things.”

In addition to telling law enforcement that he was a white supremacist, his racial views were reportedly highly visible in the form of multiple prominent tattoos, according to police. Among the tattoos were those that said “Skinhead” and “White Power.”

As Salon reports, the white supremacist mentioned Donald Trump over the course of his arrest, as well as making references to the Black Lives Matter political movement. According to police, the white supremacist praised Trump and discussed attacking Donald Trump protesters (particularly those affiliated with Black Lives Matter) as he was wrestled into the back of the police car.

“He tells them, ‘Yeah, I stabbed them. I’m a white supremacist. He begins talking about Donald Trump rallies and attacking people at the Black Lives Matter protest.”


Police are calling the white supremacist’s admitted attack on the interracial couple a hate crime that was “unprovoked” and “purely racial.” He has been charged with two counts of first degree assault and one count of malicious harassment, and is being held at the Thurston County Jail on a $500,000 bond. The white supremacist had reportedly come to Olympia from a local city because he’d heard that anti-police graffiti had been scrawled around Washington’s capital city over the weekend.


According to the probable cause statement in the case, Rowe felt that police “couldn’t hurt the black people on the street,” and vowed to “continue the fight against all of the Black Lives Matter people.”

The probable cause statement in the white supremacist’s case also indicated that he had plans to continue violently supporting Donald Trump before he was arrested for the stabbing of the interracial couple.

“He planned on heading down to the next Donald Trump rally and stomping out more of the Black Lives Matter group.”


Unfortunately for Donald Trump, the Washington stabbing wasn’t the only high-profile violent crime to take place in the United States over the last week that included the Trump signature. On August 15, a crazed Florida man killed a couple outside of their home before biting off parts of one of his victim’s faces. At the time of his crime, believed to have been the result of using “bath salts,” Austin Harrouff was decked out in Donald Trump gear.

While his crime wasn’t racially motivated, Harrouff was last seen wearing a Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” red baseball cap prior to his arrest.

The Daniel Rowe, the Washington white supremacist and Donald Trump supporter who stabbed the innocent interracial couple for kissing, is due to appear in court on August 30.

[Photo by Olympia Police Department]