Sean Lowe Talks ‘After Paradise’: Did He Steal Job From Chris Harrison?

Sean Lowe has a brand new job these days and it has a lot of people talking. The third season of Bachelor in Paradise is in full swing and with that comes the hit live after show, After Paradise. The show was hosted by Bachelor host Chris Harrison last year, but this season the producers decided to take a new route. Lowe was offered the opportunity and he decided to take it. Fans of the franchise are wondering if Sean took Harrison’s job for good or if there is another reason Lowe has the co-host spot.

Sean has not directly spoken of Harrison’s absence when asked about his new hosting gig. While leaving Chris out of his answers, Lowe has discussed his new journey on his blog and gave fans three reasons why he chose to accept the new opportunity. The first reason Sean put out there for fans was the amount of time away it would require him to be from his beautiful wife, Catherine, and their adorable son, Samuel. Lowe shared he could handle the responsibilities of this new hosting job because it only required him to be away for two days total. The show will tape live every Tuesday night for five weeks and three of those weeks Sean’s family will travel to Los Angeles with him to be by his side.

Guess who's the new co-host of #afterparadise? Yep! It's Samuel! Tune in tonight!

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The second reason Lowe gave for deciding to co-host After Paradise was that it would give him a great opportunity to learn new skills. Sean also pointed out that it would be a lot of a fun to discuss all the drama that had taken place on the Bachelor in Paradise episodes that just finished airing. Lowe also voiced that along with having a hilarious co-host, discussing the show is definitely not the worst job in the world. Sean mentioned how being a part of the Bachelor franchise has given him many different opportunities to make money in a non-traditional way. While he knows it is respectable, Lowe says he could never see himself selling insurance permanently, as his father and grandfather had done.

Lowe shares he took some serious time considering the co-host job offer. Sean was not sure he wanted to be a part of something that he knew would have some questionable content. In the end, Lowe decided it was basically the same content as featured on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. After a lot of consideration, prayer, and discussion with his wife, Sean accepted the offer. He admits that, after all, it was because of The Bachelor franchise that he now has a wife and a son, and he is grateful.

While Sean is doing a great job hosting, rumors were flying everywhere with confusion and concern as to why Chris Harrison was not a part of After Paradise this season. Some assumed Harrison was too busy with his current hosting duties of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in Las Vegas. Others thought perhaps he became arrogant in his role and felt it was below him. Fans also wondered if Lowe had permanently replaced Chris or if the change was temporary.

Warning! There's a full moon in #bachelorinparadise so be ready for anything

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Harrison finally responded to the questions via his Twitter account. When a fan asked him why he was not hosting he responded saying, “Sorry not my call!” Another person stated it was not the same without Chris and they did not want to watch until he returns. He replied, “I miss it too, sorry.” He did not address immediately the fact that Sean Lowe and Michelle Collins were hosting in his place.

Lowe and Harrison have always had a great relationship. Harrison finally shared with The Hollywood Reporter his thoughts on Collins and Lowe.

“They’re both good friends of mine and I wish them well. Michelle is so good and Sean’s a great guy.” Chris also eased the minds of worried fans by saying,”Bachelor Nation has nothing to worry about, I’m not going anywhere.” There was a huge sigh of relief for anxious fans knowing their favorite host will return.

E! News shared information that a source close to Harrison has said he is heartbroken over this change. This is the first time he has not been a part of a Bachelor-related show. It was said he originally had every intention of doing the show. ABC has not commented on the change. Sources say they opted to have Collins, who is a super-fan and co-host of The View, host for a few different reasons. Collins was not on the island for filming and she does not have the insider knowledge that Harrison does about events and relationships that happened in paradise.

It is fairly obvious why Sean Lowe was chosen as co-host. Lowe has always been a fan favorite among Bachelor fans. Lowe’s positive attitude and faith are inspiring to those around him. Sean met Catherine during Season 17 of The Bachelor and married her in 2014. Sean and Catherine welcomed their first child, son Samuel, in early July. Sean maintains a good, strong relationship with fans through his blog and social media. There is no word if Lowe will return to host other Bachelor-related events. There is also no official announcement regarding if Sean will be hosting After Paradise again next summer.

Fans can continue to see Sean live on ABC Tuesday evenings for a few more weeks. Sean continues to impress viewers and hosts with a lot of class and style. Lowe will be finishing out the After Paradise season on September 6. Who knows, viewers might even catch another glimpse of Sean’s son. Bachelor in Paradise can be seen Monday and Tuesday evenings.

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