Slender Man Girl Stabbing Suspect Pleads Not Guilty Due To Insanity [Video]

The fictional Slender Man was said to be the inspiration for the attempted murder of a young girl in Wisconsin just over two years ago. At least, that is what has been reported to be the explanation two young girls gave as to why they had stabbed their young classmate 19 times then left her to die from her wounds. But fortunately, the young stabbing victim survived and recovered from the wounds that she suffered in the violent attack.

The two girls who claimed to have been influenced by the fictional internet character known as Slender Man have now pleaded not guilty in the attempted murder crime, but one of those girls has done so by reason of insanity.

The two girls in the Slender Man case, as reported by New York Daily News, are Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier. According to the report, Weier had already pleaded not guilty last year to the crime, for which she will be tried as an adult. But it was only recently that Morgan Geyser pleaded not guilty, but for reasons of insanity.

The alleged Slender Man crime took place when the two girls were only 12 years old, which was also the age of the victim. The incident took place in May of 2014. That is when the two girls lured the other young girl, a classmate, out into the woods after a sleepover that was held for a birthday.

It is unclear how the two girls were able to lure the victim out into the woods, but when they got to where they were going, the alleged Slender Man crime played out in violent fashion and through an unknown miracle, it ended with the young girl living.

The Slender Man victim had survived the incident after her attackers had fled the scene and left her for dead. She had managed to crawl to a nearby path that is frequented by walkers and bicyclists. One person who was out riding a bicycle found the girl and immediately called for help. The wounded girl would eventually recover from the vicious attack and live to tell about it to the authorities.

The two Slender Man attack suspects were later captured on the outskirts of their town and taken in for questioning. When they were interviewed about the attack, the girls claimed to have done it because they were attempting to gain the good graces of the fictional internet phenomenon, Slender Man.

They had also told police that they planned to run away and live in Slender Man’s mansion, which they believed to be located in the nearby Nicolet National Forest. They said they intended to live there as servants of Slender Man after they killed the young girl.

In Wisconsin, state law mandates that anyone 10 years of age or older that has been charged with attempted first-degree intentional homicide are to automatically be tried as an adult for the crime.

Lawyers for both girls charged in the Slender Man attacks have tried to get the case kicked down into juvenile court, which would have given them three years of incarceration and supervision until they were 18. But a state appeals court has ruled that the case will remain in adult court and the girls will now be standing trial for the Slender Man crime.

Experts have testified that Morgan Geyser has been suffering from schizophrenia and has close relationships with imaginary characters. The court has responded to the plea by assigning two different doctors to examine Geyser for any characteristics that fit this description.

If Geyser is found guilty of the Slender Man crime and her insanity plea is accepted, she will be sent away to a mental hospital for treatment. If her insanity plea is not accepted and she is still found guilty, Geyser faces up to 40 years in prison for the Slender Man incident.

[Photo by Mike De Sisti/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/AP Images]