Taylor Swift Pays For Everything? Flies Tom Hiddleston To Rhode Island On Her Private Jet

It appears that Taylor Swift is wearing the pants and taking the control of her relationship with Tom Hiddleston. The couple reignited their romance in Rhode Island after they weren’t seen together for some time.

As you know, Taylor Swift, 26, and Tom Hiddleston, 35, first went public with their relationship on June 14 — just two weeks after she split with DJ Calvin Harris – when they were photographed kissing and holding hands on a beach near her Rhode Island Home. And, of course, Hiddleston joined Swift and her star-studded squad during the Fourth of July weekend.

According to an insider who spoke to People, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston “enjoyed a quiet weekend at her Rhode Island home. Taylor sent her plane to pick up Tom before the weekend.”

That’s right. Taylor Swift used her private jet to pick up her boyfriend and bring him back to her summer home. Whatever Taylor Swift wants, she gets.

The Night Manager star was photographed on Swift’s plane on Sunday, Aug. 14, and then he was seen arriving in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Aug. 16. According to Us Weekly, Hiddleston wore a cream-colored long-sleeve shirt with black trousers. He was also spotted carrying both an overnight bag and a gift bag. When he arrived in Los Angeles, Hiddleston changed into a dark-colored long-sleeve shirt with dark trousers.

The actor has been quite busy lately. Hiddleston recently attended the SAG-AFTRA Foundation event in Los Angeles on Friday, Aug 12. He’s also been filming his next movie, Thor: Ragnarok, in Australia. This isn’t the first time that Hiddleston has been using Swift’s private plane. Back in June, she chartered a special flight so she could meet his parents in England.

This comes after the reports about Taylor Swift paying everything in their relationship. Swift boasts a reported net worth of $200 million, while Hiddleston has a humble net worth of $8 million. Swift is one of the richest pop stars and celebrities in the world, but does that mean she’s paying for everything in her relationship with Tom Hiddleston?

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, she’s become the “boss” of their relationship by paying for all of Hiddleston’s bills from their romantic dinner dates and trips around the world, according to an alleged source that has spied on the couple.

“Taylor and Tom never debate who’s paying. She just has an assistant handle every check after they leave. He never gets to see a check. She has an advance team that books everything and puts it on her company credit cards. She is very controlling and if she pays she gets to make all the decisions. She decides when they fly, where they stay and even what they eat. Taylor likes paying because it makes her the boss.”

The report, however, has been debunked by Gossip Cop. The outlet also noted that they just shot down a similar report published inside of the pages of OK! Magazine. The tabloid dubbed Swift as a “sugar mama” instead of a lady “boss” and that she has been “showering him with cash” while he only feeds her compliments.

Then, an alleged source told the outlet that Swift is so “desperate” to find love that she’s willing to foot the bill for their private jets, hotel rooms, dinners, and “even their clothes.” The source also claims that Hiddleston does not like to pay for anything and just turns on the charm and Swift just deals with it.

“Tom will come along for the ride, but when he gets bored, he’ll ditch her… and take all his goodie bags with him.”

An accurate source close to the couple told Gossip Cop that the magazine’s story is “false.” However, it is true that Swift often handles the costs of her own private plane, even if it’s just Hiddleston flying solo.

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[Photos by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]