Want To Become A Reality Show Star? ‘The Entrepreneur In Me’ Is Seeking Cast Members [Video]

The Entrepreneur In Me producers are seeking 10 competitors to showcase their business skills on the new reality show. Unlike other non-scripted series which offer little more than 15 minutes of fame and a reasonable paycheck, this new show dangles a six-figure income in the faces of cast members.

The new reality show is the television baby of Brad Woodgate, the founder of Wellnx Life Sciences. Woodgate’s company manufactures Slimquick, the NV Diet Pill, and a host of other popular products, according to Radar Online.

The format of the show is rather unique. A total of 10 contestants and relative or friend of their choosing will be given a business idea and seed money to start a project. The contestants and their wingman (or wingwoman) get just 10 weeks to prove they are the best business prospect in the group.

Brad Woodgate had this to say about The Entrepreneur In Me:

“Our aspiring entrepreneurs will be given the idea and the knowledge, it’s up to them to make it happen. The idea is to give this opportunity of entrepreneurism to everyone in a unique ay that hasn’t ever been done on television before. Creating my own company has given me so much self-confidence and so many opportunities, and I want as many people as possible to experience that.”

The Entrepreneur In Me producer surely sounds like a businessman with a heart of gold. Hopefully, his concept for the show will spur economic prosperity not only for the winner who gets the chance to become the president of the company created but inspires the also-rans to push forward with their business dreams as well. The winner also earns a 25 percent stake in new business as well.

Applications for the enticing offer are understandably pouring in by the boatload, but it is not too late to toss your name into the mix. If you want to learn how to become a reality show star, fill out an application at TheEntrepreneur In Me website.