Donald Trump’s Play-Doh Donation Gets 100,000 People Talking On Facebook About #PlayDoh

Donald Trump is making news once more, this time for Play-Doh. As reported by the Inquisitr, Trump’s most recent buzz came from a speech wherein “The Donald” made a play for the African-American vote by saying that African Americans had no jobs — and asked them what the hell they had to lose by voting for Trump.

However, on Saturday, August 20, it wasn’t Trump’s comments to African Americans that caused more buzz — and not even the photo of Trump with his fist raised in a “power to the people” type of salute, as seen above. The Republican presidential candidate had just given a campaign speech in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Thursday, Aug. 18, when that image was captured.

No, the latest Trump buzz seemed to be birthed by the following photo, showing Trump unloading supplies to the victims of the recent Louisiana flooding.

trump play-doh
As seen in the photo, Trump and Governor Mike Pence helped to unload supplies from a truck in Gonzales, Louisiana, on Friday, August 19. In the foreground of the photo, it’s pretty clear that Trump and Pence are helping pass along Play-Doh. Other supplies and foodstuff such as Gerber baby food can also be seen.

However, the internet being what it is, some people pounced on the Play-Doh idea and ran with it.

According to Facebook, nearly 100,000 people are currently talking about and searching for #PlayDoh as a hashtag on Facebook. Plus Twitter has its fair share of Play-Doh Trump buzz. Loads of people on Twitter are talking about Trump and Play-Doh, so much so that Trump’s Louisiana trip has its own “Twitter Moments” section, as seen below.

Perhaps it was the following tweet by Samuel L. Jackson posted on Saturday afternoon that helped get the ball rolling, which criticized Trump for passing out “much needed supplies” like Play-Doh.

Jackson’s tweet was liked and re-tweeted thousands of times within a span of five hours.

While some joked about Trump building a wall of Play-Doh, others defended Trump for trying to help the victims of the Louisiana flooding. People on Facebook are sharing health reports about Play-Doh being a good toy and tool to use in times of stress — sort of like a stress ball for children and adults. Others are arguing that Trump made the trip to the flooded region before Hillary Clinton or President Obama visited — but detractors argue that the governor of Louisiana had asked politicos not to make Louisiana a campaign stop or one for only “photo ops.”

As reported by ABC News on their Facebook page, a man named Jeff Nolan became emotionally moved over Trump’s donations of Play-Doh and everything else that Trump brought to the region, with Nolan claiming that the U.S. would lose much worse than what Nolan lost in the flooding if they didn’t get behind Trump.

“Without America getting behind Donald J. Trump, we’re going to lose. And we’re going to lose bigger than this flood ever did.”

It was a popular video that gained steam, and caused Trump to respond in kind on Facebook.

“Thank you, Mr. Jeff Nolan, and all of the people in Louisiana, for your courage, your resolve and your spirit. It was an honor spending time with many of you today, and my prayers are with you and all of the families who have lost so, so much. We are one nation, and when you hurt, we all hurt. Know that the entire country is praying for you — and stands beside you.”

As reported by Snopes, although Trump was mocked for his “Play Doh-Nations,” Play-Doh was not the only donation that Trump brought to the region. The photos of Trump with Play-Doh in hand were shared quite a bit on social media.

[Photo by Gerald Herbert/AP Images]