Alabama High School Running Back Makes Two 99-Yard Touchdowns In One Game

A high school running back in Alabama made history on Friday after completing two 99-yard touchdown runs in the same game.

Brad Anderson, a Bob Jones High School senior, made the 99-yard touchdown runs in his team’s 35-14 win over South Carolina’s Dorman.

Anderson became the first player in the history of the Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) to make two 99-yard touchdown runs in the same game, AL reported. Both 99-yard touchdown runs came through identical plays on the right side of the line.

He also became the 12th player in AHSAA history to complete a 99-yard touchdown from a rush attempt, Alabama News reported.

Anderson’s historic runs came in the fourth quarter of his first game as a Bob Jones player after replacing Miles Strickland.

The first 99-yard touchdown came with 8:18 remaining on the clock, while the second came in the final minute of the season opener, USA Today reported.

The senior running back finished his impressive debut game with three touchdowns after running 17 times for 310 yards.

“I’ve been waiting on the season to start and I’ve been thinking of the plays that I can make to help my team out. And I came out here and made those plays. It’s a blessing,” Anderson said.

“My O-line did such an amazing job blocking,” Anderson said about his record breaking runs. “I didn’t see anybody in front of me. The hole was as big as I’ve ever seen it, so I just took it and ran as fast as I could.”

Despite his modesty, Kevin Rose, Bob Jones coach, praised Anderson as the “best offensive line” that the Bob Jones Patriots has had.

“I’ve said a million times, if there’s a better skill guy than Brad Anderson, I’d like to see him. Sometimes he gets overlooked because he’s a little undersized,” Rose said. “Brad reminds me of (former NFL star) Eric Metcalf. He’s that good. And I’ve said all offseason that I think we had the chance to have the best offensive live we’ve ever had here.”

Coach Kevin Rose took to social media to praise Anderson for his historic 99-yard touchdown runs from scrimmage.

Matt Patterson, Bob Jones’ offensive coordinator, also used social media to share Anderson’s achievement and highlighted its place in AHSAA football history, Max Preps reported.

In AHSAA history, no player has had two 99-yards touchdowns in the same match. Reayundo Sturdivant holds the record as the only player in AHSAA history to run two over 90 yards touchdowns. Sturdivant made the 90 and 92-yards touchdown runs in 2002.

In 2015, Jared Smith, a Westminster Christian player, entered AHSAA history with a 99-yard rush attempt. In 2014, Jalyn Martin of Collinsville also made a 99-yard touchdown run.

Anderson’s two 99-yard touchdowns is a rare feat in football, at any level. The play is so rare that it has only been recorded once in the history of the National Football League (NFL).

99-Yard Touchdown Runs
In 1983, Dallas Cowboys running back Tony Dorsett made history by becoming the first NFL player to score a 99-yards touchdown during a Monday Night Football game against the Vikings.

Dorsett, who started from his team’s one-yard line, shook off a few tackles from Viking players before running down the field for a legendary 99-yard touchdown.

Dorsett’s 99-yard touchdown is the longest run from scrimmage in the history of the NFL.

Teams usually do not attempt the 99-yard pass play due to the risks involved. If the play fails and the ball is intercepted, the opposing team will have a very good position on the field with a clear chance of scoring a touchdown.

[Photo by Chip English/AP Images]