World’s Most Expensive Dress: Diamond Frock Costs $5.7 Million

The phrase diamonds are a girl’s best friend has a whole new meaning when it comes to a dress made by British designer Debbie Wingham.

The dress is encrusted with 50 two carat black diamonds and weighs an impressive 29 pounds, reports The Daily Mail. The dress was featured at the Ukraine Fashion Show where it received mixed reviews.

The $5.7 million dress is one of seven diamond-encrusted dresses created for Wingham’s collection, but this one is her most extravagant so far, according to The Sun.

The dress was handmade with the bustier alone taking six months to complete. The centerpiece of the dress includes five carats of black diamonds. Debbie Wingham writes on her website:

“The rest of the embellishment is fine beading and delicate white diamonds set in white gold with a very fine chainmail detail to add more individuality, setting the embellishment on this gown apart from any other world’s most expensive gowns.”

The world’s most expensive dress was launched at the Billionaires’ Club in Monte Carlo before it began a tour that ended at the Ukraine Fashion Week.

Debbie Wingham is a self-taught designer whose mother worked as a seamstress. She began her trading at Grenwich market when she was 18 and then opened her first boutique in Hoxton. One year later, she crossed the capital and opened a showroom on the Kings Road.

One of her gowns was worn to the BAFTAs in 2005, prompting a highly-renowned columnist to write, “the best dress at this year’s BAFTAs was a dress designed by an unknown designer, but watch this space.”

Seven years later, Wingham’s designs have been worn by several celebrities including Kate Winslet, Hilary Swank, Amy Smart, Catherine Jenkins, and Dita Von Teese.