Miley Cyrus Back To Her Old Ways, After Cancelling Honeymoon?

After keeping everyone guessing as to whether or not they were an item, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth finally arranged for a romantic honeymoon getaway to Bora Bora, but, just as the reunited couple was getting ready to pack up for the vacation, Cyrus cancelled flight and hotel reservations.

This news comes just on the heels of Miley's new trailer for The Voice, a preview in which Cyrus seems to be once again embracing her wild, trashy ways, a persona Ms. Cyrus has taken great care in shedding through the months that she and Hemsworth have been reigniting their love affair.

Miley Cyrus Says The Honeymoon Getaway Is Off

It would have been an event to remember, but Us Weekly reports that Miley Cyrus has put her foot down, declining to go through with the planned honeymoon trip to Bora Bora. There's no word on just why Cyrus cancelled their Bora Bora plans, but a source has said that it may just be the location. Apparently, Cyrus just wasn't too keen on spending their vacation in Bora Bora. The source also suggested that Miley and Liam are looking for a new destination, which may mean the honeymoon getaway may not be altogether off.

One problem may be the fact that Miley and Liam are having trouble nailing down their wedding details. Originally, Hemsworth and Cyrus had agreed to have a small wedding in Liam's Australian hometown, but those plans have since been scrapped with no new wedding ideas coming forth. Hemsworth and Cyrus are agreed that they want to wed sometime in the coming autumn months, but that's pretty much all they have agreed upon.

"Miley is pretty adamant about having a small, private ceremony," says the insider. "But Liam wants a really big wedding, so I'm sure they'll come to a compromise."

A First Promo For The Voice Features Miley Cyrus And Alicia Keys

The Voice is bringing in some girl power this season with Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys joining the show's staple judges Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, but is MTV correct in their assumption that Cyrus is going to use the opportunity to draw attention to herself with more of her former antics? It seems not to judge by the promo and, in fact, Miley herself declares that viewers will get more drama from the male hosts, while Alicia and herself have pledged to raise the bar on The Voice.

"As much as the world loves to make this girl cat fight scenario, that's actually Blake and Adam," joked Ms. Cyrus.

Alicia Keys, meanwhile, suggested that having two female judges to compliment Levine and Shelton would help to bring a softer touch to The Voice.

"Two women coaches is what The Voice needs," Keys says. "I'm looking forward to rooting people on and being here for the dreamers like me. You're able to hear someone true for who they are, and that's what music is."

Both Levine and Shelton were highly supportive of Miley, making plain their confidence that Miley would be a welcome addition to The Voice. Certainly, Ms. Cyrus will be a refreshing and lively character, keeping things from getting too serious for the nervous and hopeful contestants. Mr. Levine went as far as to say Miley will provide a younger perspective, which is something The Voice has lacked in past seasons.

"She's a great performer, but she also has this ear for music," added Mr. Shelton.

In covering the new promo, MTV points to Miley stripping off her jacket in suggesting that the "Wrecking Ball" singer may be reverting to her wilder days, but even this seems toned down for the future Mrs. Hemsworth.

After all, no one really wants a completely prudish Miley Cyrus.

[Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]