‘Fifty Shades’ Star Dakota Johnson Moving On From Jamie Dornan With Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield is putting his days as Spider-man behind him, but a new romance has his Spidey sense working on overload.

Garfield and Fifty Shades Darker star Dakota Johnson were reportedly getting extra flirty while preparing for the upcoming film, Under the Silver Lake.

Is Johnson already moving on from her Fifty Shades of Grey co-star Jamie Dornan? Will her romance with Garfield grow into something more?

According to Hollywood Life, Johnson hasn’t started a relationship with Garfield yet, but they have gotten very close working together.

“There’s a real connection there,” an insider revealed.

Apparently, Johnson and Garfield are communicating often and have grown really comfortable with each other.

“They’ve already got inside jokes and have kept in contact over the phone and via videos chat,” the source explained.

Are Johnson and Garfield just practicing lines for their movie or is something else going on between the two stars?

Although it isn’t known what is happening behind the scenes, it is clear that Johnson and Garfield can’t wait to start working together.

“Neither of them can wait to start shooting,” the insider continued.

Garfield was previously linked with Emma Stone. However the pair decided to end their romance back in October of 2015, though they have been seeing each other on and off.

Emma Stone Andrew Garfield
Since the split with Stone, Garfield was spotted exchanging smooches with an unknown woman.

The make-out session is a good indication that Garfield has finally cut ties with his former girlfriend.

That being said, Game N Guide is reporting that Garfield’s romance with Stone may not be over just yet.

In fact, the pair was recently spotted hanging out with each other in Turkey and Greece. They were joined by a group of close friends and everyone appeared to have a great time on the getaway.

It is unknown if the outing was a romantic vacation or a friendly get together.

As far as Dakota Johnson is concerned, she previously dated Matthew Hitt on and off over the years. However, the couple split while Johnson was working on the Fifty Shades franchise with Dornan. The cause of their breakup is unknown.

Meanwhile, Movie News Guide is reporting that filming for Johnson’s upcoming movie has not yet started.

While Johnson and Garfield prepared for their roles in Under the Silver Lake, fans are eager to see what their on-screen romance will look like. Will Johnson and Garfield heat things up more than the actress did in Fifty Shades Darker?

As fans will recall, Johnson’s chemistry with Dornan wasn’t all that great in Fifty Shades of Grey.

'Fifty Shades Darker' Star Dakota Johnson Says Sex Scenes With Jamie Dornan Are 'Tedious' [Image via Universal Pictures]
However, both Dornan and Johnson were determined to make the sequel, Fifty Shades Darker, a lot hotter than the first movie. This includes an ultra sexy beach scene that featured Johnson going topless with Dornan.

“[Dornan and Johnson] want to make the film awesome,” an insider shared.

For now, it isn’t clear what will happen between Johnson and Garfield, and whether or not their on-screen romance will ever branch out beyond work.

If their romance does become something than just a working fling, then it is possible that their on-screen chemistry will top what Johnson had on Fifty Shades Darker.

After all, Johnson’s romance with Dornan never materialized outside of the movie. Of course, Dornan is a happily married man with a growing family with Amelia Warner, while Garfield is currently single.

Jamie Dornan Ditches 'Fifty Shades Darker' And Dakota Johnson For Wife Amelia Warner And Family Time [Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]
Based on the reports, it looks like Garfield is more than happy to get with Johnson now that his relationship with Stone is on hold.

Under the Silver Lake is scheduled to open in theaters in 2017.

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